Why Are Creative Professionals Moving to Windows?

DSC0683Today more and more creative professionals and video editors are moving to Windows. While Macs still dominate in many workplaces, the days of the Mac only facility are a thing of the past. Windows machines offer far more flexibilty, upgradability and performance for the dollar. The impact of GPUs on software performance and the extremely limited GPU choices on Apple hardware is driving many to Windows. Videoguyd has always affered frree expert advice on recommended system configurations, Do-It-Yourself DIY NLE workstations and optimizing your workstations for optimal performance. We also offer custom configured HP Z Workstations and zBooks for video editing. Colby Brown Photography WINDOWS IS NOW A VIABLE ALTERNATIVE FOR CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS When it comes to working in the creative world, there is no doubt that many creative professionals (graphic designers, illustrators and even photographers) have historically preferred OSX and the Apple eco-system that it has built around its products. With a relatively sleek UI, strong customer service history and the slogan “it just works”, it is not surprising that many creatives sided with Macs for so many years. But things have been changing and for the first time in a long time, a lot of people are starting to once again get excited with what Microsoft is up to. While Windows 8 wasn’t the success that that MS was hoping for, it brought back a level of stability, efficiency and arguably an impressive UI (User Interface) that Windows had lacked for a number of generations. In addition, both Microsoft and it’s partners such as Wacom and Intel are all working on some really awesome things that have me excited about being a Windows user as a photographer, author, and entrepreneur. While the creative world has had an affinity for Apple and OSX based products for years, the truth of the matter is the Windows still controls over 90% of the of the total market share of personal computers globally. This means that 9 out of 10 users on desktop or laptops are on Windows based machines. Regardless of its market dominance, it is great to see both Microsoft and some of its partners taking a serious look at making the Windows platform exciting once again. read more...

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