Why We Can't Use Final Cut Pro X at Our Companies

Creative Cow by Walter Biscardi and Richard Harrington

CreativeCOW presents Why We Can't Use Final Cut Pro X at Our Companies -- Apple FCPX - Final Cut Pro X ReviewAfter a day of reading the forums, tweeting, and scanning the blogosphere, two COW leaders had a lot to talk about. Rich and Walter are not casual Final Cut Pro users... they've used it since version 1 and literally built their businesses using Apple tools. For them, today was the end of an era (Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Server were removed from sale). While both hope for the future, they each have strong opinions why they can't implement Final Cut Pro X into their postproduction facilities as it stands at release.

Listen to the Podcast over at the COW

Note from Gary: This is such an important, honest and informed conversation. This is not upset fanboys. These are two professional editors talking about the reality of integrating FCPX into their workflows and facilities.

Two editors who like many others, left the NAB SuperMeet Sneak Peak full of hope and questions. Would FCPX be for them, or would it be iMovie Pro? They purchased it, they tried it, and now they share their experiences. They lay out the 'deal breakers' that simply make FCPX a non-option for their facilities. It's a long converstation, but a must listen for professionals considering FCPX. Thank you Walter, Richard and the COW for this great podcast!

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