Why You Should Upgrade to a Professional Video Editing Software

335-C3-Editing-SECONDARY-6Videomaker has put together a very nice article that outlines some of the key advantages of professional video editing software (NLE) vs low cost consumer titles. If your serious about producing your own videos that look as professional as possible, you want to step up to Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cust Pro, Avid Media Composer or Sony Vegas Pro. The article doesn;t include Grass Vallet Edius, but it's also highly recommended by Videoguys. You can download trial verions of Professional Video Ediitng Software (NLEs) here.
Videomaker by Austin Mace


Looking at upgrading from consumer editing software to something more professional? This article will offer some insight in what to consider when choosing a professional editing application. I remember the day I bought my first piece of editing software. I had just shot video for a high school Spanish project with some friends and immediately ran to the electronics store to pick up a copy of Pinnacle Studio. I rushed home to begin cutting my cinematic masterpiece and was immediately fascinated with how I could manipulate time, space and sequence with a few clicks of a button. It was all magic to me then, and is what fascinates and motivates me to this day. Professional versions are geared toward giving the editor the tools they need to create a truly customized final work that speaks to the artistic and aesthetic taste of the end user. The main reason I chose to move to professional software a few years ago was to continue feeding the spark that was struck creating my first edited video. I eventually felt confined by the very software that let my imagination run wild, and started looking toward the next step. read more...

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