Winning Emmys with NewBlue Transitions

Learn How Emmy-Winning Editor Peter Chakos Used NewBlue Transitions in the Big Bang Theory

From the NewBlueFX Blog In this Q&A, Peter Chakos shares his editing process on The Big Bang Theory and how NewBlue's Motion Blur helped him create a unique "what if" moment. How do you edit with a bang? To find out, we turned to the award winning video editor, Peter Chakos, for answers. Chakos acts as both editor and producer for the Emmy-winning comedy series, The Big Bang Theory. In 2007, he was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series for his work on the show. As fans of the show, we were excited to jump right into the interview with Chakos. NB: How did you get involved with video editing? And how did you make it into primetime TV? PC: Well I started as a runner P.A. on a TV show called Cheers. NB: Wait, you mean the show “Where everyone knows your name?” PC: Yes and while I was there I slowly moved into the post production area. I wanted to learn more about the edit system, which at the time was called Laser Edit. They were showing film editors how to take the leap into the 90s. While I was taking the [Laser Edit] class everyone kept asking me if I had ever edited before. By the second week I was helping teach the older guys who were transitioning from film. A couple months later, I went into the Cheers edit bay on a Friday night. I cut an episode, for fun, just to see if I could do it. I handed it to our producer, Andy Ackerman and said, “Here take a look at this.” Ackerman came up to me a few days later and said, “I strongly believe you should become an editor.” [continue reading]
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