Wirecast 9, XKEYS, and Wirecast Gear Videoguys News Day 2sday Live Webinar

This week's Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay live webinar is on the NEW Wirecast 9, XKEYS control surface and Wirecast Gear Systems. Telestream has done it again, they've made using Wirecast even easier. The new XKEYS control surface along with Wirecast 9 allows you the ultimate control in your live streaming production. If you're a computer whiz looking to broadcast a live streaming event of any kind, Wirecast is the product for you. The XKEYS control surface, which can only be used on Wirecast 9, gives you more ease and flexibility in choosing your sources and graphics as well as switching from shot-to-shot. Wirecast 8 opened a lot of doors with their various features but Wirecast 9 blows them off with not only allowing for control surface integration, but with streaming to multiple platforms. We've used Wirecast Gear systems in the past for these very webinars and continue to support their ease-of-use for non-video or TV broadcasters. With so many different uses for a simpler live production system, Telestream's Wirecast software or Wirecast Gear systems fills those needs and it looks like will continue to help end-users into their live streaming workflow.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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