Wirecast for Education: Live Stream Graduations/ Ceremonies, News, Sports, Lectures, and More!

Telestream recently posted a great article covering how Wirecast can be used perfectly in the education space. We want to take a look at that post, and highlight some of the finer points.

Live Stream Graduations, Award Ceremonies, Student News and Sports, Guest Lectures, and Classroom Lessons to your Community

Telestream highlighted how Wirecast can be used to bring educators into the streaming world.

Welcome to the World of Live Streaming:

Whether you are broadcasting student news and sports, guest lectures, award ceremonies, or graduations, having access to a quality live streaming setup can open up new avenues for reaching your audience and engaging with your community. Starting from scratch can be a daunting prospect. We can help you understand the basics, and offer suggestions that will help you to establish a successful, affordable live streaming setup.


Wirecast is Used at Every Level of Education

Wirecast is used in schools, colleges, universities and technical institutions all over the world. Professors, teachers and online educators use Wirecast to stream presentations, courses and lectures, online classes, software demos, tutorials, meetings and conferences, as well as public events.


Telestream also covered a case study on Shelby County Schools use of Wirecast to live stream educational events including sports and graduations!

Shelby Schools have over 100,000 students and 8,000 teachers. With a large in school community- in fact it it is the 19th largest school district in the country- streaming is a valuable tool for spreading information to the correct hands.

In 2015 the SCS Department of Broadcast Services set out on a new streaming media initiative, to find a solution for live HD video production and streaming with a simple workflow perfect for students and teachers.

For the SCS Telecommunications Center, where the C19tv operation is based, Best chose Wirecast after evaluating other market options. Today, Wirecast’s real-time HD streams look better than the SD video that runs on cable TV. Wirecast has been running reliably since it was installed, with no technical obstacles to overcome.


Check Out this List of Other Educators using Wirecast Included in the Article.

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