Wirecast Now Streams directly to Periscope / Twitter

Telestream has announced, streaming to Periscope / Twitter with Wirecast!

Stream to Periscope / Twitter with Wirecast!

Streams According to the creators of Periscope.tv , "Periscope was founded on the belief that live video is a powerful source of truth and connects us in an authentic way with the world around us. We are fascinated by the idea of discovering the world through someone else’s eyes." With well over 300 million combined, active users, Twitter and Periscope have become some of the world’s leading social media and real time news platforms. We are excited to announce that you can now connect with your Twitter and Periscope audiences on a whole new level with Wirecast 7.5! Wirecast can now send professional, high-quality live streams to Periscope.tv that will appear natively in your Twitter feed. Just select "Periscope/Twitter" from Wirecast’s output destinations, login to your account and start streaming! You can choose to preview your streams on the platform, or start and stop them automatically with Wirecast. Choose to notify your followers when you go live, or not — it’s up to you. Upgrade your Wirecast here!

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