Wirecast whitepaper Church Broadcasting on a Budget

This is an old whitepaper from 2014 but it's got some still valuable information. Videoguys recommends Epiphan AV.io video grabbers with Wirecast and we've even put together some really cool and affordable bundles featuring AV.io and Wirecast. You can now also purchase the Wirecast Gear turnkey live streaming and production solution starting at under $5,000. Those attending your service are the lucky few to experience what your church has to offer. Every week your congregation is empowered and uplifted by positive and life changing messages. Now imagine reaching twice as many people on a weekly basis. What about four times as many, or even more? What about those who may not be able to attend every week? With live streaming and video technology on the rise, and the prolific availability of user-friendly hardware and software, now is the best time to beging broadcasting your services over the internet. This e-book will help you understand the basics, and offer suggestions that will help you establish a successful, budget-conscious live streaming setup for your church. Learn what tools you need to capture content, repurpose it for live streaming and share it across the state, country and even the world. wirecast Putting it all together. A solid workflow will help to outline the perfect solution for your church. Follow us through each step as we explore the different opportunities for live broadcasting success. Don't worry, its not complicated as it might seem! Click here to read the full article on Telestream.net

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