Wirecast Works Great for Teachers, Houses of Worship, Non-Profits, Government Agencies & Broadcasters

Wirecast is a great streaming solution- whether you're just getting into live video, or you are a pro. Now, it has become a tool of choice for Educators, Non-Profit Agencies, Government Organizations, Houses of Worship and more!

The important question, however, is what will be the importance of live streaming after Covid-19. During this period of live streaming, classes are being held remotely, business is being conducted from home, and friends are doing online happy hours- but what about after social distancing?

Telestream recently released a great article discussing the relevance of Wirecast both now, and post Covid-19.

The truth of the matter is- streaming is seeing a spike, that will likely decrease. But hopefully, not by much. The disruption social distancing has caused to the status quo, may be enough to teach many organizations the importance of live streaming. It is, no doubt, a valuable tool- and better yet, it's not as hard as it looks.

Wirecast makes a multi camera stream very straight forward and easy, and helps any user create professional material.

Learn more by checking out Telestreams full article, HERE.

Learn more about Telestream HERE.

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