Wolfcrow's Top 5 Forums for Video Support

wolfcrow by Sareesh Sudhakaran

For those of you who don’t know, an online forum is a place where you are free to discuss, ask for help, and support other members like yourself. Everyone starts out somewhere, and the best place for a newbie to ask for help and guidance is a good forum.

Free advice is not necessariy good advice. Over the years I’ve looked at many forums for help and support, and here are my top 5 recommendations.


  • Real name support
  • Quality of members
  • Nature of members
  • Speed of response
  • Selection of topics

    1. DVInfo.net

    I was drawn to this forum in 2008 because at the time it had excellent discussions on the cameras I were interested in. The members are one of the politest I’ve seen anywhere on the internet.

    Trust me, I’ve been to (and still frequent) sites that claim to have ‘elite’ members who are supposed to be gods of their realms, yet behave like immature adoloscents and often resort to name-calling. On such forums, every post has a pattern – someone asks a question, the so-called experts step in, and then end up arguing among themselves. The original poster is never heard from again. DVInfo isn’t one of them. read more...

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