Working Together: the big story at NAB

title_banner (13)Kylee Wall is one of my favorite women in post. At NAB she inspired a panel called "Working Together to Close the Gender Gap in Post-production" that was very well attended. I always enjoy reading her articles on Creative COW and this one is no exception. She spotlights some new workflows that allow for increasaed collaboration and cooperation amongst editors, shooters, directors and every one else involved in the creative process that are having dramatic impacts on how videos and films are made.
Creative COW by Kylee Wall When I was just starting out in the video production industry around the beginning of this century, there was an overwhelming sense to me of a workflow being shoving a square peg into a round hole. The facilities I interned inside or toured were relying on hardware with very specific requirements...and a lot of it didn't really work as expected. Over and over I heard people cursing I/O boxes or converters. But that was it, because there weren't other options. Changing to a different manufacturer (if there was one) meant some major infrastructure changes, and it wasn't worth the cost to eliminate grating workflow problems. Instead, they just dealt with it. And swore a lot. At this year's NAB Show, it was clearer than ever that this mindset is over. It's been over for a while, but now it's like, OVER over. Because not only are companies looking to offer lots of options to stay competitive in a wildly growing industry, but they're working TOGETHER as competitors to make their piece the best it possibly can be in a crazy magpie nest of a workflow that might include bits from a dozen different manufacturers. Your piece doesn't work? No good. It gets flung onto the ground. Companies like Avid and Adobe are opening proprietary infrastructure in ways we haven't really seen before. Others like AJA and Blackmagic Design are partnering with more companies than ever, and continuing to work into areas that their business traditionally hasn't covered. read more...

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