World’s Top 100 Video Production Companies and FilmMakers Who Know Social Media And Viral Marketing

Videoguys is very excited to be included on this list of Social Media marketers.

Sparkah Business Consulting: Strategic Alliances and Partnership Development by Robert Kim

If you upload a video to Youtube or Vimeo, what’s the average length of time that your video is watched?

Your tendancy might be to answer, “doesn’t that depend on the length of my video?”

And you’d be wrong.

Most of the videos uploaded never get past the first 5 seconds.

That’s regardless of whether your video is 1 minute long or 2 hours long. Most videos aren’t captivating. they just don’t bolt the viewer down long enough for them to get your climax, the call to action, the resolution to the build up, or whatever else you spent thousands of dollars to put at the end of the video. read more...

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