Yololiv Yolobox 2021 Year in Review

We’re still looking back on 2021 as an excellent year for advancements in many live streaming technologies. One of these technologies is YoloLiv, who updated their YoloBox and YoloBox Pro with numerous great features over the past year.

In December, Frank from YoloLiv made a great video running through the excellent advancements with YoloBox and YoloBox Pro. Check out that video, below.

One of the best things about Yolobox is that it is an Android device. Their engineers are constantly adding new features, performance and capabilities via software updates. Even better – they are FREE!

For YoloLiv, 2021 was a great year. It’s been exciting, it’s been exhausting. It has been quite a ride. So many great additions to YoloLiv. In large part, thanks to your feedback.

This year we released a total of 6 updates for the original YoloBox and 8 updates for the YoloBox Pro. Our website also went through two major redesigns, look professional and updated.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about YoloLiv HERE.

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