Answering YOUR Questions on LiveU LRT, Atomos Ninja V Compatability, Easy NDI Workflows, and More!

On this months Ask the Videoguys live webinar, we're discussing all of the most frequently asked questions we've got in the past few weeks, that we think will help with your live production!

This month's question topics include the NAB Show, LiveU Solo SIM Cards, LRT with LiveU Solo Modems, Telestream Wirecast 15, Roland Aerocaster, NDI production workflows, and YoloBox Mic In jack, and more!

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I've been hearing a lot about NAB. What is that?

The NAB Show is an annual trade show hosted by the National Association of Broadcasters. It is held in Las Vegas and is April 23rd - 27th, 2022. This is a big time when we see many new products and exciting news announced. 

Can I use my own SIM cards with the LiveU Solo?

Yes! You will need your own USB dongles and need to purchase LRT separately. 

Is LRT included with the 2 or 3 modem kits for the LiveU Solo?

 The modems must be activated with SoloConnect Data. $295/month (2 modem kit) or $435/month (3 modem kit) includes unlimited data and LRT

What's new in Wirecast 15? How do I upgrade?

-New User Interface​

  • Customizable graphics, templates, stock media, and more ​
  • Upgraded audio tools with enhanced display of audio meters​

-Rearchitected Software Engine​

  • Uses up to 60% less computer resources then previous versions​
  • Can run more programs in the background while live streaming

Wirecast Studio - $599

Wirecast Pro - $799

If you bought Wirecast in the past year, it includes the first year of Insider Access and you get to upgrade for free.

You can also renew Insider Access for $99/year and continue to get all upgrades!

If your Wirecast license is more than a year old and you let Insider Access lapse, then you can renew it now for $199

If you have a version of Wirecast prior to 8 there are upgrade paths available now​

How does the Roland Aerocaster compare to the SlingStudio?

  Aerocaster SlingStudio
Wireless? Yes Yes
Video Inputs Up to 5 Up to 10
Cell Phone? Yes, Aerocaster Camera App Yes, SlingStudio Capture App
Live Streaming? Yes Yes
Switching? Yes Yes
Price $295.00 No Longer Available
There is nothing like the SlingStudio CamLink the use of a phone.​
Aerocaster is the closest thing available right now

What is the easiest way to start building an NDI Production System?
Check out the NewTek TriCaster Mini 4K | NDI!

It is the only turnkey production system that has an NDI switch built into the box to​ create it's own NDI network.

If you're considering another TriCaster system or other NDI solution, start with the Netgear M4250 switches which are super easy to set-up with NDI presents built in

Netgears M4250 Series Network Switches​

  • Status lights on back​
  • Start with as low as 8 ports, up to 40​
  • Variety of POE options​
  • Supports AV over IP deployment​
  • Little to no configuration needed​
  • Fanless/quiet modes​
  • Mounting Flexibility​

My Mic In jack on the YoloBox isn't working. Is there a solution or a workaround?

-Make sure the mic can provide its own power, that tends to help​

  • We use RODE lapel mics in studio as a good solution that works​

-If the issue persists, use your camera's mic jack (PTZOptics, BirdDog all have mic jacks) most camcorders do too​

-Take the audio from the HDMI feed and set it as your main audio.

I want to see if my camera will work with the Atomos Ninja V. Is there a place where I can see what cameras are compatible?

Atomos' website offers a great compatibility chart for their products and different cameras

​I need my order to arrive ASAP! Can my order be shipping out the door today?

YES! If you purchase before 3:30pm EST, your order can be out the door the same day! We also offer many different shipping options!

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