Atomos SHOGUN ULTRA 7-inch HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW
Atomos SHOGUN ULTRA 7-inch HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW
Atomos SHOGUN ULTRA 7-inch HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW
Atomos SHOGUN ULTRA 7-inch HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW
Atomos SHOGUN ULTRA 7-inch HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW

Atomos SHOGUN ULTRA 7-inch HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW

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Atomos SHOGUN ULTRA 7-inch HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW

  • Free Shipping & Tech Support

Shogun Ultra is everything you’d expect from a Shogun. Perfect for HDMI mirrorless and SDI cinematic cameras, with enhanced camera to cloud connectivity.

Shogun Ultra is your gateway to amazingly fast and productive cloud workflows. So much more than a super-bright monitor recorder, it takes you to new heights of productivity and collaborative creativity. Work faster, work better.

All the connectivity you’ll ever need

Solid Internet
Network connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E and GigE.

Wireless Sync
Long-range robust wireless sync and control with AirGlu RF.

Third-party Sync
Third-party sync and app control with Bluetooth AirGlu BT.

USB-C Port
For future updates.

More Power Options
Multiple power options with NP battery slot and separate 2.1mm locking jack DC input.

Separate SDI Out for comprehensive SDI<>HDMI cross-conversion.

Super bright screen
Shogun Ultra’s super-bright, large 7-inch screen is viewable in almost every kind of light. Indoors, outdoors, or anywhere you need critical, viewable, instant feedback on your images. With 2000 nits brightness, it’s ideal for checking your HDR footage while you’re still on set. Or play back your recently captured shots on the same pristine screen for review or even uploading to the cloud.

What’s new, at a glance.

  • Brand New OS
    New AtomOS 11 - faster, cleaner, with more features
  • More Codecs Included
    8K ProRes RAW, ProRes, DNxHD & H.265 - all for free
  • Dual Record
    Dual 4Kp60 ProRes RAW & proxy recording for Cloud
  • 4K H.265 Recording*
    Record & upload high bitrate 4K files to the Cloud
    *Available when subscribing to Classic and Premium Atomos Cloud Services
  • SDI Cine
    Auto matched filenames from ARRI, Canon, RED  & Sony cameras.
  • Wi-Fi 6E
    Fast, stable connection to the internet
  • RemoteView
    Share live camera views from your Shogun’s screen over the internet
  • Improved Monitoring
    With EL ZONE System™ exposure and ARRI false color
  • Premium Options
    NDI 4K TX
  • Atomos Care360
    Premium extended warranty that covers unforeseen damage

Choose your workflow
Shogun Ultra has two faces: Local and Cloud. Use it conventionally, and you have an incredible HDR screen, new monitoring tools and both HDMI and 12G-SDI. Turn on its wireless and network capabilities, and you have access to new and productive cloud workflows like camera to cloud and Atomos Edit. You can even edit your project in the cloud and publish directly to social media within minutes of shooting the action.

Enhance your camera
Shogun Ultra can capture RAW inputs up to 8K at 30fps, 6K at 60fps and 4K at 30fps and simultaneously output a standard viewable video signal via HDMI or SDI for devices that don’t support RAW formats. With a super bright 2000nit 7-inch SuperAtom IPS touchscreen for clear images and easy accessibility to the features in AtomOS, Shogun Ultra has a new operating system and user interface.

The Ultimate Shogun
In addition to network and SDI connectivity, you get access to super-efficient cloud workflows, and you can cross-convert between HDMI and SDI. Take advantage of the new, ultra-fast and reliable WiFI 6E for more stable connections. Shogun Ultra, which can be remote-controlled over Bluetooth with AtomRemote App, is the most practical and affordable way to stream, transfer and edit in the cloud.

  • 2000 nits of brilliance
  • 12G-SDI input/output
  • SDI RAW up to 4Kp120

Capture simultaneously up to 4K 60p ProRes RAW and HD 60p H.265
Record full-quality files in ProRes RAW up to 4K 60p while at the same time recording HD 60p to H.265. It’s the best of both worlds. Boost your productivity by storing your definitive copy in ProRes RAW ready for your post-production workflow, and use your H.265 copy for your camera to cloud activities.

Publish from the cloud
Record higher-quality media for instant publishing. The new 4K camera to cloud mode lets you record and upload much higher quality H.265 video with higher framerates.* H.265 files are half the size of H.264 media. They’re small enough for camera-to-cloud workflows but more than good enough for immediate use on social media, sports reporting or news gathering. It’s the fastest way to get your video in front of your viewers (requires Atomos Cloud Studio (ACS) subscription). Also a super useful mode to record proxies at up to 4K 60p to match a original in-camera (OCF) file.

*Classic or Premium Atomos Cloud Studio subscription required.

Multiple Codecs
The new Shogun line includes these codecs free of charge, so you can choose the ideal codec for your projects.

  • Apple ProRes
  • Apple ProRes RAW
  • H.265
  • DNx (QuickTime)
  • DNx (MXF)* coming later in 2023
  • Apple ProRes is pre-activated to use out of the box, so you can start shooting immediately. To activate H.265 and
  • DNx, visit to register your Shogun and follow the simple online instructions.

To activate Apple ProRes RAW, you need to go to There is a small additional step to get an activation token to access the codec for free. Simply plug in your compatible RAW camera to complete the process. You only need to do it once to unlock this super-flexible and unique codec without time restrictions.

NDI HD and 4K TX
4k TX is a paid option.

NDI is a way to send video over ordinary networks (including Wi-Fi and mobile) in high quality but with remarkably low bandwidth requirements. It’s increasingly used in live production, and now your Shogun Ultra can take part in an NDI environment. The NDI TX option turns your Shogun Ultra into an  NDI source, visible to all other authorized devices  on the network.

Original camera filenames over SDI
Automatically match filenames, timecode and record triggers from ARRI, Canon, RED and Sony cameras. Previously, camera to cloud relied on matching filenames with hero and proxy files made by AtomOS. Now, thanks to cooperation with ARRI, Canon, RED  and Sony, Atomos C2C files are matched back to the original in-camera (OCF) filenames. This gives a joined-up process when conforming C2C or SSD proxy files  in the edit with camera files. On camera or on Atomos: it’s your choice.

Any camera, any format. Anywhere.
Pair Shogun Ultra equally well using SDI or HDMI with smaller cameras as part of a minimal setup or with full-size camera rigs on large-scale productions. Shogun Ultra is made from precision materials with a solid aluminium frame, crafted for maximum durability. Weighing only 360g (0.79lbs), you can use it comfortably with a handheld camera. Shogun Ultra includes anti-rotational ⅜ – 16 mount points on the top and bottom. It ships with a ¼ – 20 adaptor for easy mounting on industry-standard equipment from a wide range of manufacturers.

Atomos RemoteView lets you share incoming video on your Atomos screen with other Atomos monitors, as well as with iPads, Macs and Apple TVs wirelessly. You can monitor what’s happening on-set and look through any connected camera taking the shot from anywhere in the world.

Global, low latency video
Remote view doesn’t need expensive hardware and uses the public internet, so it’s global. But Atomos technology ensures there are no delays. You can receive up to four RemoveView feeds on a single screen. It’s all configurable from a simple web interface. Atomos RemoteView needs an Atomos Connect but no additional hardware.

Powered by a unique combination of AtomOS 11 and Atomos Cloud Studio, you can share with the person standing next to you or someone across the globe just as easily.

Secure and personalized
For absolute security, you can burn a watermark into each remote video feed, so there’s no risk of copying. You can also brand your footage with your own or your customer’s logo. Or put the movie name, date, type of camera – any information you think will be helpful, burnt into your remote feeds.

Atomos RemoteView requires a subscription to Atomos Cloud Services. It uses Atomos Credits for a simple “pay as you go” service.

Stream from Anywhere
Shogun Ultra supports live streaming to a range of online services including acebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and custom RTMP/S. With Wi-Fi 6E, Gigabit Ethernet, and the ability to join cellular hotspots all built-in, Shogun CONNECT helps filmmakers, streamers, and video content producers reach their audience from anywhere.

Key Features

  • Support for more camera models with 12G-SDI
  • SDI input to HDMI output conversion
  • Wi-Fi 6E and 1GbE Ethernet
  • Stream to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and custom RTMP/S services
  • Share media with camera to cloud (C2C) and Atomos Edit
  • Live stream an HDMI or SDI source into Atomos Live Production or RemoteView
  • Synchronize cameras, audio recorders, and applications with AirGlu™
  • Support for AtomRemote app
  • Add major features without adding significantly to the overall footprint


A complete monitoring toolbox
Shogun Ultra includes comprehensive monitoring tools to help you get the perfect composition and exposure in every shot. Easy-to-use but powerful tools include waveform, focus peaking, multiple false color tools, zoom controls, custom LUTs, and frame guides. Shogun’s new AtomOS 11 software is simple to update with new features and releases – as well as support for new cameras.

A highly secure mount
From individuals to large-scale cinema productions, Shogun Ultra has been built to fit into any camera rig. It features a versatile mount that can be adapted to suit different industry-standard equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. Once locked in place the mount is highly secure and offers anti-rotation settings, so you can trust Shogun Ultra to remain in place at all times.

Connect. Control. Configure.Create.
The AtomRemote app for iOS and macOS has an array of controls for Shogun Ultra. It lets you configure and control your Shogun from up to 15 meters away via Bluetooth LE while you define camera connections, select Gamma/EOTF and adjust Gamut settings. AtomRemote can control playback, select monitoring modes, apply custom 3D LUTs, and view image analysis tools, including exposure and focus. Output controls include options for 4K to HD, LUT preview and HDR output.

Connectivity. We've got you covered.
Shogun’s comprehensive range of inputs and outputs lets you capture the highest quality video from the widest range of cameras, and connects you to the cloud, for new, ultra-speedy and productive workflows.

Perfectly synchronised
Atomos AirGlu™ is included with the Shogun Ultra and adds wireless timecode, sync, and control technology. AirGlu locks multiple Atomos devices or compatible cameras, audio recorders and software applications together so that they share the same frame-accurate timecode. It is also able to relay recording, battery status, and disk capacity information to the server unit. Any AirGlu device can act as the server unit, which means you’ll no longer need a huge budget or get involved in time-consuming post-production workflows to produce perfectly synchronized, multi-camera video. AirGlu BT is the Bluetooth timecode sync protocol adopted by many camera and audio manufacturers, and AirGlu RF is the long-range sync and control protocol between Atomos connect products.

Physical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D mm)
198mm x 133mm x 40mm / 7,8" x 5,2" x 1,57"
730g / 1.6lb (excluding batteries)
Mount points
Top: 1 x 1/4"20 or 3/8" with anti rotational points, Bottom: 1 x 1/4"20 or 3/8" with anti rotational points, Right: 1 x 1/4"20 or 3/8" with anti rotational points

Ambient operating temperature
Up to 40 Degrees Celsius
Construction & Control

Aluminium alloy chassis with ABS Polycarbonate back plate
Actively controlled fan and heat sink
Multi-function button
Power / lock Screen
Tally light

Input voltage
6.2V to 16.8V
Compatible batteries
1 x NP-F / L-Series
Battery voltage
DC in connector
Locking DC Jack (5.5mm OD & 2.1mm ID)
Via optional D-Tap to DC cable

SuperAtom IPS panel (capacitive touch)
1920 x 1200
Bit depth
10-Bit (8+2 FRC)
Backlight Type
Edge lit
Brightness (cdm2 / Nits)
2000nit +/-10%
Aspect ratio
16:9 Image Display
Color Gamut
Calibration support
ATOMOS Calibrator with Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro or ColorChecker Display Plus
Color Pipeline 

Sony SLog / SLog2 / SLog3, Canon CLog / CLog2 / Clog3, ARRI Log CEI160 / LogCEI200 / LogCEI250 / LogCEI320 / LogCEI400 / LogCEI500 / LogCEI640 / LogCEI800 / LogCEI1000 / LogCEI1280 / LogCEI1600, Panasonic Vlog, JVC JLog1, RED LogFilm / Log3G10 / Log3G12, FujiFilm Flog, PQ (HDR10), HLG, Nikon N-Log, Z CAM Z-Log2, Olympus OM-Log400 / Flat, Leica L-Log
BT2020, DCI P3, PDCI P3 65, Sony SGamut / SGamut3 / SGamut3.cine / Canon Cinema / DCI P3 / DCI P3+ / BT2020, Panasonic V Gamut, ARRI Alexa Wide Gamut Rec709, JVC LS300, Red DragonColor / DragonColor2 / RedColor2 / RedColor3 / RedColor4 / RedWideGamut
3D LUT  Display
.Cube Format
3D LUT Output
Loop out 
3DLUT 50/50
Monitoring Modes
Native / 709 / HLG / PQ / 3D LUT
HDR output Conversion
Color Management

ATOMOS Calibrator with Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro or ColorChecker Display Plus
Display controls
Backlight, Lift, Gamma, Gain
Built in Technical Log to HDR EOTF
3D luts 
Display, monitor and output, Record, Load via SSD
Video Input

1 x HDMI 2.0
1 x 12G SDI
Bit Depth
8 / 10 bit
Video Chroma Subsampling
YCbCr 420 & 422 
Yes with HDMI Auto detection
File Naming

S/S/T & Rolling
RED, ARRI, Canon and Sony
Video Output

1 x HDMI 2.0
SDI loop out
1 x 12G SDI
Yes with Auto detection
Audio In/Out 

Audio Quality
24-Bit / 48kHz
Audio Codec
8ch 24Bit, input dependent
12ch 24Bit, input dependent
Analogue Audio in
3.5mm Jack - 5v power
Analogue Audio Out
3.5mm Jack
Headphone out
3.5mm Jack

1GbE RJ45
Wireless RF
AirGlu™ SYNC Time code Network
Connect to Hot Spot via Wi-Fi
Web Streaming

Video Signal Conversion

Timecode / Sync

SDI Embedded
HDMI Embedded
Time of day
Wireless SYNC
AirGlu SYNC Time code Network Server or Client
RF Network range
RF Frequency 
Region dependant
Number of Channels
12 RF Channels per Region
Number of RF clients
100 clients
Bluetooth Network Range
10-15m (line of sight)
Number of BT clients
2 clients

Resolution & Frame Rates Maximum (Record, Monitor & Playback)

8k RAW
up to 8Kp30 Via HDMI
6k RAW
up to 6Kp60 Via HDMI & 6Kp30 SDI
4k RAW
up to 4Kp120 via HDMI / SDI 
3.5k Anamorphic RAW
up to 3.5Kp60 via HDMI
2k RAW
up to 2Kp240 via SDI
4k DCI
up to 4Kp60 
4k UHD
up to 4Kp60 
2K DCI 2046 x 1080
up to 2Kp60
FHD 1920 x 1080 Progressive
up to 1080p120
FHD 1920 x 1080 PsF
Pull down
FHD 1920 x 1080 Interlaced
1080i50 / 1080i60
1280 x 720p
Recording CODEC 

Apple ProRes RAW
up to 12bit 8Kp30 / 4Kp120
ProRes HQ / 422 / LT
up to 4Kp60 
Avid DNxHD
up to 1080p60
Avid DNxHR
up to 4Kp60 
up to 4Kp60 (MOV container)
Primary Codec + Proxy Record
ProRes RAW, ProRes, DNx with H.265 
Pre Roll
8 secs HD / 4 secs 4k ProRes & DNx
Gang control
SYNC record control

Yes, Selected, Favourites or Combined
Loop Playback
Yes, with custom in and out points
Apple ProRes RAW
Yes, recorded clips 
ProRes HQ / 422 / LT
Yes with linear PCM
Avid DNx HD
Yes with linear PCM
Avid DNx HR
Yes with linear PCM
Recorded clips

Native, 709, LUT
HLG, PQ Rec2020
Selectable mode
Supported media

SATA 3 – MasterCaddy / SSDmini / CFast II (via adapter)
Master Caddy I
Master Caddy II
Master Caddy III
CFast II
Yes via AtomX CF adapter
File System
On screen tools

3 sizes
RGB parade
3 sizes
Vector scope
Small / large
1 x Zoom
Tap to zoom
2 x Zoom
Tap to zoom
Focus peaking
Coloured and slider for threshold
EL ZONE SYSTEM Colourized Exposure

ARRI False color

Atomos False color
With IRE scale
Isolate color channel
Blue only
Cine Frame Guides
Preset and Custom
Social Frame guides
Preset and Custom
Safe areas
SMPTE frame size – Action and Safe
Grid markers
9 grid
Frame Grab and Onion skin overlay
Lossless PNG 1920 x 1080
Anamorphic desqueeze
Display 1.25x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.8x and 2x
Display Flip
Onboard Signal Processing

RAW to Video loop out
Yes, conversion from Larger Resolutions to 4k
4K UHD downscale for HD 
Yes, menu enabled
DCI Crop
Yes, menu enabled
I > P
2:2 and 3:2
2:2 and 3:2
Remote control

Bluetooth LE
via AtomControl App
External Device Control

Serial 2.5mm Jack
Remote to USB – Z CAM
Supported Applications

XML – Cut, Tag & Edit
Final Cut Pro
Apple ProRes Raw
Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Grass Valley Edius, ASSIMILATE SCRATCH
Apple ProRes
All Applications with support for Apple ProRes in .MOV wrapper
Avid DNx
All Applications with support for Avid DNX in .MOV wrapper

1 Year
Atomos Care360 Enhanced 
2 Year

  • Shogun Ultra
  • 1 x USB C PD to 2.1mm DC power lead
  • Master Caddy III
  • 2 x Wi-Fi antennas
  • 1 x AirGlu antenna
  • Antenna tips
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio sync cable
  • QuickStart Guide

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