Canon DP-V2730 27" UHD 4K Reference Display
Canon DP-V2730 27" UHD 4K Reference Display
Canon DP-V2730 27" UHD 4K Reference Display
Canon DP-V2730 27" UHD 4K Reference Display
Canon DP-V2730 27" UHD 4K Reference Display
Canon DP-V2730 27" UHD 4K Reference Display

Canon DP-V2730 27" UHD 4K Reference Display

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Canon DP-V2730 27" UHD 4K Reference Display

The Canon DP-V1830 UHD 4K Reference Display is Canon's first 18.4-inch reference display and boasts improvements in Canon's HDR image quality performance, greater precision in local backlight control, and smoother tone and color reproduction, and a wider angle of view through a new optical design. It supports UHD (3840 X 2160) and 4K signals for use in broadcast and cinema workflows where high mobility is needed.  The display achieves the HDR standards video production professionals demand, with deep black levels, wide color gamut, and wide viewing angle. This 18.4" 4K 1000cd/m2 HDR display is 19" rack mountable and easily replaces existing FHD/4K models.

  • 4K HDR Video Production
  • Enhanced Black Levels and High Contrast
  • HDR Range Variable Adjustment Function
  • Individual Image Quality Settings for Each Screen
  • Wide Color Gamut


4K HDR Video Production

Luminance Performance
The DP-V1830 achieves 1000cd/m2, a requirement for HDR video production (ITU-R BT.2100, EBU TECH3320, Dolby Vision). This enables consistent video checking, from shooting to editing, on all Canon display models*.

In addition to its high luminance, it achieves all-black levels of 0.001cd/m2, as well as a high contrast performance of 1,000,000:1.


Faithful and More Natural Color Reproduction
HDR offers a wider range of luminance and color expression than SDR. With HDR, you can reproduce richer and more natural "true-to-life color" that gets lost with conventional SDR.

The DP-V1830 features high luminance and wide color gamut that allows it to faithfully reproduce HDR images captured using high-performing 4K lenses and CINEMA EOS cameras with wide dynamic range.


Enhanced Black Levels and High Contrast
The hardware performance of the Hi-def engine has been greatly improved, enabling precise backlight control to drive the LEDs precisely on and off, and achieving a high-contrast display with excellent contrast at the boundary between bright and dark areas.

Inherently dark areas are darkened, and bright areas are brightened, resulting in a crisp, high-contrast display. It realizes all-white peak luminance of 1000cd/m2 with improvements in depth of blacks, which are vital for broadcast and cinema video production, enabling more accurate displays of dark tones in night views, fireworks, and other scenes.


Wide Color Gamut
HDR video production has an expanded range of colors that can be reproduced, requiring the display of a wide color gamut for faithful confirmation of richer and more vivid colors. The DP-V1830 is equipped with Canon's unique backlight system that maximizes the color, brightness, and other properties of LEDs, providing a wide color gamut.

The display complies with the HDTV broadcasting standard ITU-R BT.709, the UHDTV broadcasting standard ITU-R BT.2020, the digital cinema standard DCI-P3, and ACESproxy, the transmission standard of ACES which is the color management standard proposed by AMPAS. It can faithfully reproduce colors in wide color gamut video for broadcast and cinema video production.


Wide Viewing Angle
During live productions in stadiums, mobile production trucks and other applications, one or more people may need to monitor multiple displays at the same time, requiring a viewing environment where brightness and color do not change even when viewed from different angles.

DP-V1830 features a unique optical design that reduces luminance and color changes due to viewing angle, enabling accurate image quality confirmation in environments where multiple people are simultaneously monitoring in a broadcast truck or studio.

The surface is coated with an anti-glare coating to reduce reflections and glare when used outdoors and in brightly lit areas.

Image Quality and Performance

High Resolution
The DP-V1830 features the same 3840x2160 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio panel as the DP-V1710, DP-V1711, and other models. It can display signals compliant with 4K broadcasting standards on a full dot-by-dot basis.

When inputting DCI 4K (4096x2160) signals, users can choose between a full-screen display with a scaled-down image or a native display with cut sides (jog dial can be used to shift the display position left or right). It also features enlarged display modes for 2K or full-HD video productions. This contributes to improving the efficiency of 4K/2K video production workflows for expanded use as a 4K display.


High Accuracy Uniformity
The DP-V1830 achieves the same level of high-accuracy uniformity as previous models. Featuring a uniquely-developed display image engine, it enables fine adjustments to prevent unevenness in color and brightness on the screen, achieving precise uniformity.


Display Stability/Long-lasting Dependability
The DP-V1830 achieves high color accuracy thanks to precise adjustments prior to shipment from the factory, just like previous models. It is also equipped with an exclusive automatic luminance correction system that compensates for brightness changes due to changes in the temperature in or around the display as well as changes over time to ensure excellent display stability and long-lasting dependability. Internal processing with Canon's high-resolution engine achieves smooth and accurate gradation characteristics for each RGB color.

Color Calibration Services
Canon USA is now offering a comprehensive display color calibration service. Whether you operate in the film, post-production, broadcast, corporate or educational world, our goal is the same: to help ensure image fidelity.. This service supports both standard and high dynamic range (HDR) workflows, and ensures your device meets industry standard specifications (SMPTE, DCI, and ITU). To learn more, please click here.


Multi-View Functions

Multi Information View
The DP-V1830 allows you to view the input signal (only one input), and also have the time code, audio level meter, waveform monitor, vector scope, chromaticity diagram, histogram and frame luminance displayed at the same time.

Individual Image Quality Settings for Each Screen
In a conventional multi-screen display, only the same image quality setting (picture mode) can be displayed, but by setting different image quality settings (picture mode) during quad-view it is possible to check 4 different images with one unit. This setting makes it possible to monitor four different cameras with different signal formats in one unit. In the dual view setting it is possible to have the vector scope and waveform monitor displayed respectively for each signal.


LUT Comparison at Quad View
The comparison feature can compare four different User LUT's in quad-view.


Operational Support Functions

Web Remote Control
The DP-V1830 can be remotely controlled by WiFi/LAN connection using a PC, tablet, or other device. Three windows are available: View window, Control window and Information window.
View Window: used for displaying, zooming, and checking the video
Control Window: Used to access the menu and performing main operations
Information Window: used for checking settings and signals


Display Interlock Features
Multiple DP-V1830 displays can be connected via LAN to make quality adjustments or change channels on multiple displays at once. Settings can also be imported or exported over LAN.
*Operation is possible only for DP-V1830 Version 1.1 or later. Other models will not work correctly.


Switch Out

Switch Out Function (Paid Upgrade)
With an optional paid update to the DP-V1830, 4K/60p signals (maximum 4 inputs) from the SDI Input terminals can be selected and output from the MULTIFUNC.SDI OUT terminal. It is also possible to display a marker in the selected color (white/red/green/off) on the image to be switched out.


Canon's HDR Toolkit

HDR/SDR 2 Split-Screen Display
The DP-V1830 UHD 4K Reference Display supports split-screen displays of HDR and SDR signals. Since video can be displayed simultaneously on the left and right screens, differences in luminance ranges and gradation/brightness can be compared at a glance, thus allowing HDR shooting to be conducted with confidence and efficiency.

Various other features can be combined to make HDR production easier to use: Range Compression Display according to specific production applications, Clipped Display, Camera Information Display, and Waveform Monitor Display. The DP-V1830 fits inside 19" racks making it an excellent choice for broadcast vans that are subject to space and weight restrictions.

In addition to the multi-screen display of only SDI signals, mixed display with HDMI signals is possible.


HDR-Compatible Waveform Monitor Display
The waveform monitor can be selected to display HDR scales (e.g., SMPTE ST 2084 nits) or Canon Log (%) for maximum flexibility in HDR production.

Parade display is an additional waveform presentation, and the waveform of the Y/R/G/B signal can be displayed on the same screen.

HDR Range Variable Adjustment Function
Variable adjustment of the HDR range is possible to suit specific applications. For example, the dynamic range of the HDR standard signal or LOG signal can be displayed to fit within the luminance supported by the display main unit (range compression) or required actual luminance parts of the range can be displayed with the highlight range area excluded (range upper limit clipping). Desired clip levels or range values can also be registered in advance to function buttons or channel buttons. This lets you call up respective HDR range adjustments for confirmation with a one-touch operation.


HDR Meta-Information Display
Metadata information (color gamut, gamma, maximum luminance, average luminance maximum value of content) from PCs for HDMI-compatible video editing and Blu-ray players, cameras and other devices can be displayed on screen.

This is useful for appropriate HDR productions since videos can be monitored while confirming the HDR information at the same time.


False Color
In addition to the traditional false color feature, users can display colors that vary according to the brightness of the SMPTE ST 2084 (PQ) and Hybrid Log-Gamma input signals. In addition, you can check the brightness level visually since the colored areas are displayed with a gradient.

In the false color display, luminance ranges that are color-coded according to HDR range can be automatically adjusted, and the user can set two different luminance ranges and use these properly according to the type of scene. The user can also set a luminance boundary (100/200cd/m2) between HDR and SDR regions and can color-code the SDR range with two different colors. This means that the user can set and check the desired luminance range in more detail and with greater freedom and ease than ever before.

BT.2020 Out-of-Gamut Display
A new feature to debut on the DP-V1830 is the Out-of-Gamut Display. This function changes colors that cannot be reproduced by the native color gamut to red when Color Gamut is set to BT.2020. (Areas other than the colored areas are displayed as monochrome.)


Range Check
Areas that are within the brightness range specified by the user and areas that are within the set HDR range can be colored red. (Areas other than the colored areas are displayed as monochrome.)

This enables users to visually check the brightness range status during HDR shooting. Integrating with an HDR range makes it much easier to determine exposure conditions visually in HDR shooting. It shows areas exceeding the set HDR range in red. The width of the red scale area changes according to set HDR range values.


Pixel Value Check
The luminance values*1 and RGB values at the pixel cursor location within the picture, and the XY chromaticity values*2 on the chromaticity diagram of a given pixel can be displayed when producing HDR content. In addition to displaying the xy chromaticity value of the specified pixel position and the coordinate position in the chromaticity diagram, the range of chromaticity value of all pixels from the input signal can be displayed on the chromaticity diagram.

In addition, the maximum luminance within the frame can also be detected and the pixel cursor can be shifted instantly to that position by pressing the Reset button. This makes it possible to pinpoint and accurately understand the luminance and the chromaticity values of items such as the sky, a window frame, skin, etc.



Panel Type    


Screen Size   

  •  27"

Aspect Ratio    

  • 16:9


  • 3840 x 2160 UHD

Active Display Area    

  • Approximately 409.0x 230.0 mm

Pixel Pitch    

  • 106.5 m


Image Quality

  • Standard:100 cd/m2 Peak,Full screen,
  • White : 1000 cd/m2
    * Brightness values are standard values and not guaranteed values

Viewing Angle (Up, Down, Left, Right)    

  • 89°(Contrast ratio: 101 or higher)

Surface Treatment   

  •  Anti-glare coating



Backlight Type    

  • LED


  • 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 24 VDC, maximum 10 A, XLR

Power Consumption    

  • At maximum AC load1: Approx. 210 W
  • At maximum DC load*1: Approx. 185 W
  • Factory default status*2: Approx. 105 W
  • In Standby mode2: 0.5 W or less
    *1 Including changes in brightness over time
    *2 When using AC power supply

Operation Conditions    

  • Temperature and humidity: 040 (32104 ),2085 RH (no condensation)
  • Recommended range of temperature and humidity: 1530 (5986 ), 20 80 RH (no condensation)
  • Pressure: 7001060 hPa

Storage/Transporting Conditions    

  • Temperature and humidity:-2040 (-4104 ),2085 RH (no condensation)
  • 4160 (105140 ), 2030 RH (no condensation)
  • Pressure: 7001060 hPa

Mounting Hole Pitch    

  • VESAstandard100x 100 mm (3.9x 3.9 in.)


Interface: Input


  • 4 BNC (75 ) receptacle terminal
  • 12G-SDI: Compliant with SMPTE 2082
  • 6G-SDI: Compliant with SMPTE 2081
  • 3G-SDI: Compliant with SMPTE 2048-2/274M/296/372/425-5/425-3/425-1/428-19/428-9
  • HD-SDI: Compliant with SMPTE 2048-2/274M/292-1/296/428-19/428-9
  • SD-SDI*1: Compliant with SMPTE 259M


  • 1type A terminal Contents protection standard: HDCP 2.3/1.4


Interface: Output


  • 4 BNC (75 ) receptacle terminal, pass-thru


  • 1 BNC (75 ) receptacle terminal


  • 2 stereo mini jack (front panel/rear panel), supported impedance: 32  to 64 


  • 2W(Stereo)

  • Canon DP-V1830 18.4" UHD 4K Reference Display
  • Power cable with Clamp (Separate Box)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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