HuddleCamHD SimplTrack3 20X Optical Zoom

HuddleCamHD SimplTrack3 20X Optical Zoom

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The latest addition to our line of auto-tracking cameras. Whether teaching in a classroom, presenting at a conference, or streaming live events, the SimplTrack3 offers the perfect blend of advanced technology, user-friendly operation, and top-tier security. Stay tuned for its official launch and be among the first to experience the future of automated video tracking!


SimplTrack3: Effortless Motion Tracking
The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack3 makes producing high-quality conferences or lectures easier than ever with no required camera operator or expertise. Smooth, automatic motion tracking up to 55ft away with focus up to 20X in 1080p at 60fps with up to 270° rotation and 59.5° FoV. Connect the SimplTrack3 to any computer with the included USB 3.0 cable. The SimplTrack3 now supports PoE; one simple ethernet cable can power your dual-sensor camera!


Auto-Tracking and Auto-Framing
The SimplTrack3’s advanced auto-tracking and auto-framing features can easily toggle* between tracking a lecturer and framing groups of people in the scene, making it an ideal solution for conference settings or classroom interactions. The SimplTrack3’s Smart Auto-Tracking technology intelligently locks onto the subject, ignoring other moving objects and adjusting to changes.

Easily toggle Auto-Tracking OR Auto-Framing ON/OFF. Toggle between manual PTZ controls and automated PTZ movements with a simple command. These commands can be sent to the included software or one of our joystick controllers.

*Requires camera reboot


Zone Management
The Tracking Zone encompasses the entire area where an auto-tracking subject might move across your frame. It’s designed to ensure smooth tracking of the presenter or lecturer, covering a wide range and offering flexibility in movement.

The Blocking Zone is strategically set in areas that could cause unwanted tracking, such as near doorways, whiteboards, or TV screens. This zone is crucial for preventing the camera from auto-tracking irrelevant movements or individuals passing by, ensuring the focus remains on the main subject. The SimplTrack3 contains 8 blocking zones.

The Preset Zone represents an innovative feature where an automated preset is triggered when the camera enters a selected area. This could include switching to a separate camera, activating a stage light, or any other preset tailored to enhance the presentation or lecture experience. The SimplTrack3 contains 8 preset zones.


With SimplTrack3, you can automate camera controls and quickly adapt to any unique workflow. Customized tracking sensitivity options allow for the complete customization of the zoom level, pan/tilt speeds, and automatic operations to match the educator’s presentation style. Manual Mode can be enabled, allowing you to operate the SimplTrack3 with the included IR remote, a PTZ camera joystick controller, or camera control apps.


Set & Forget
The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack3 caters to various user preferences in its auto-tracking functionality, allowing for a straightforward and simple setup with a single button. For users desiring more control, the SimplTrack3 also offers the capability for more complex setups, enabling detailed adjustment and fine-tuning of the tracking process.


The dual-sensor system offers superior flexibility and performance in diverse environments, from classrooms to auditoriums. Designed with two sensors, the camera can simultaneously monitor the entire room while tracking a single subject, providing viewers with a comprehensive view of the scene. Enjoy the flexibility of a 20X optical zoom lens that brings clarity to every shot, even from afar, ideal for capturing classroom or lecture hall environments. SimplTrack3 offers multiple video outputs – SDI, HDMI, USB, IP (including NDI), and an additional output from the wide-angle reference camera.


Designed for Scalability
The SimplTrack3 comes with HuddleCamHD’s dedicated management software, enabling large-scale deployments to configure and remotely control a network of cameras on the same LAN. It offers a broad range of output options, including USB, IP, SDI, and HDMI compatibility, allowing seamless integration with your current system. The SimplTrack3 is designed for versatile recording options, offering the ability to simultaneously record with its main lens, reference lens, or both. Its advanced dual-sensor system enables simultaneous capture of a wide-angle video feed from the reference lens and a detailed close-up tracking shot from the main lens. This dual-sensor functionality provides extensive coverage and adaptability, making it ideal for various recording scenarios.

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