Ask the Videoguys August 2020

Oliver Ricketts hosts the latest episode of Ask the Videoguys! We've gotten your questions and taken the most common ones for this webinar!

How do you turn the tally light on with the BirdDog Flex Backpack?

In a recent webinar on the BirdDog Flex, we showed off how we can bring in any HDMI signal with the Flex Backpack. But what about the tally? 

Oliver goes shows where to go! Visit www.birddog-XXXXX.local. The "X's" are the last 5 digits of the serial number on your unit. Another way to do this is by entering the IP Address of your BirdDog Flex into the search bar on your web browser. 

*NOTE* By default, the password to get into any BirdDog product via this interface is "birddog". 

This interface is also where you can control how many MBS your camera needs. If using a 1080p camera, we suggest 100MBS. If using 4K, we suggest having a 300-450MBS setting. This is a simple slider within the BirdDog interface. 

What about the YoloLiv YoloBox?

Oliver also show the number of inputs and the ways to bring video into the YoloLiv YoloBox. With the 2 HDMI ports it is easy to bring in almost any camera, and the USB port can serve a dual purpose of bringing in a webcam or to be used to being in pre-recorded video. The SD card slot can do the same. 

As for using the USB modem, all that needs to be done is purchasing a SIM card and data plan from whichever carrier you wish! The SIM card can either be put into the USB modem or directly into the YoloBox itself. 

What are the I/O boxes that come with the NewTek TriCaster Mini|4K NDI?

The NewTek Spark Plus IO 4K now come with the TriCaster Mini|4K. This converts video up to 4K UHD 60p and audio to HDMI or NDI to HDMI. Thus it is an encoder/decoder. It can be use POE and also supports tally lights via NDI. 

Also available a the Spark Plus 4K for HDMI to NDI  and the Spark Plus IO SDI for 1080p60 3G. 

How do I connect my LiveU SoloConnect Modems? 

Check out this article on the data plans and further information. 

The steps are as follow. 

  1. Buy the starter kit
  2. Register the kit's serial number on the Solo Portal (
  3. Choose monthly or yearly data plan. 
  4. Enter "solo-videoguys" to get 5% off the cost
  5. Modems/Sims get activated and you are ready to stream

It's important to let 24-48 hours after modem registration for the modems to be activated. So we highly suggest registering AT LEAST 3 days before your live event. That way you can also have 1 full day to practice the technology. 

Watch the full webinar here!

Learn more about NewTek here!

Learn more about LiveU here!

Learn more about BirdDog here!




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