Atomos Ninja V unlocks ProRes RAW for Olympus cameras

For those who live the MD-D family from Olympus... well we have some great news! Soon you'll be bale to enjoy the full benefits of shooting in ProRes RAW! 

Atomos has cooperated with Olympus and has extended the use of Apple ProRes RAW like it has other models. ProRes RAW is a new standard for RAW, quickly establishing itself as a standard. This goes from cameras like the Sony Alpha 7S III to a bunch of Z Cams which can output RAW via HDMI. 

This is mainly used for post product work. ProRes RAW is perfect for color correction, color grading, and creating the specific look you need for your footage. And with the Atomos Ninja V, you can now record ProRes RAW over a simple HDMI cord. Olympus now has this option making it the 8th company to do so. 

Now the OM-D family of cameras have the ability to record ProRes RAW when paired with the Atomos Ninja V! 

Olympus OM-D camera with the Ninjia V

ProRes RAW and the less compressed ProRes RAW HQ are both available. These offer manageable file sizes which will help transferring files and media management. ProRes RAW is also fully supported by Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. 

What the Ninja V does is allow you to accurately monitor what is being recorded in ProRes RAW. It's easy to setup too with it's amazingly setup color settings which are always applied automatically. User can either in HDR with other choices of HLG and PQ (HDR10). The Ninja V is also touch screen offering focus peaking, and 1-1 magnification. This is what you'd use to record in ProRes RAW with an AtomX SSDmini or another SSD drive. 

“We’re thrilled to work with Olympus and their stunning mirror less cameras to bring the power of Apple’s ProRes RAW to OM-D users. We can’t wait to see the creativity that results from this partnership," said Jeromy Young (Atomos CEO). 

According to Atomos, the firmware update will be released in the winter of 2020! We can't wait. 

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