Diary of an Avid Switcher – Solutions for FCP Editors

Toolbox by Jonny Elwyn

Learning Avid Media Composer 6.5.2 – Solutions for FCP Editors

If you’re in the throws of making the switch from FCP7 to Avid Media Composer (or just learning Avid for the first time) and you simply want to know how to get started with a few simple things and understand how Avid behaves then hopefully this compilation of links and resources will save you sometime rummaging around on the internet.

Questions & Answers of an Avid Switcher

Project Settings – When you start a project all you need to set up is the frame rate and frame size and then you can control how your media is ingested afterwards. The only thing you can’t change once a project is set up is the frame rate. (Thanks to all those who commented in my first post about this!)

Can you copy and paste audio keyframes in Avid? – Yes. See the video below for a full run down on audio keyframes. In FCP you can select whether the keyframes spread out to fill the duration of the new clip or whether they just paste out exactly as they were before, not 100% sure how this works in Avid.

Shortcuts: Shift+v paste attributes. Nudge keyframes up/down in volume is shift+cmd up/down arrows. read more...

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