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We've received a lot of questions from #educators asking about #remote classes and remote learning! Gary hosts today's Ask the Videoguys giving the best streaming tips and tricks for teachers to best improve the digital learning experience!

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With today's show focused on Education streaming, we're here to give you advise on how to use the power of live streaming to perfect your hybrid lesson for your students.  

In 2020, teachers and educators- like many others- were forced to jump head first into the world of live streaming.  They did what they could to get off the ground.  Now, in 2021, live streaming is a fact of life and here to stay.  More than that, if correctly leveraged, it can be a powerful tool.  That's why our mission statement for 2021 is to make live streaming work and look better, and easier to do. 

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This week's questions. 

I want to be able to stream our football, soccer, and baseball games. We don’t have WiFi or internet on the playing fields and the cost to add it is beyond our budget. What is a good solution for this?

Many educators fear that outdoor streaming and sports coverage mean expanding a network and running cables to cover the field.  However, this is not necessarily true.  The LiveU Solo with the Solo Connect modems allows schools to leverage the power of cellular bonding to go live from absolutely anywhere, with a reliable internet connection. 

Learn more about the LiveU Solo HERE.​

Part 1: I'm teaching remotely from my classroom. I hate being tethered to the chrome book on my desk. I want to be able to teach, while walking around the classroom and writing on my smartboard and using my other manipulatives.

Part 2: I’m a principal and my teachers are doing synchronous remote instruction to both students in class and those at home remote. Just using a chrome book is frustrating my staff. I want to pilot a better solution. What do you recommend?

This question demands a good, better, (and in this case even better), best approach.  Check out some of the solutions we've created, below.  

  1. Good: Upgrade your webcam: Don't just stick with the webcam built into your chromebook or laptop.  Get a webcam that can be mounted around your classroom to allow for more mobility and ensure you aren't shackled to your desk.  Teachers can tripod mount webcams like the PTZOptics Webcam 80, or simply ensure that they are mounted with a white board, chalk board, lab area or other teaching method in view.  
    Another important possibility to note is the possibility that is unlocked with an EPTZ camera like the HuddleCamHD EPTZ 4K Webcam.  Devices like this can select HD regions of interest within a 4K picture of your classroom.  This will allow you to move about and teach from multiple locations.  
  2. Better: Use a traditional PTZ Camera for camera control as you move about the classroom: PTZ Cameras can follow you about the classroom from your desk, to a black board, ETC.  They also come in handy when respecting the privacy policy of your school.  Set the camera infront of the students present, so they don't show up on camera.  Best of all, many PTZ Cameras are simple USB plug and play devices that can feed right into your video conferencing call.   
  3. Even Better: Set up your PTZ Cameras on an AV Teaching Cart: PTZ Cameras can also function on an AV Teaching cart feeding into your chrome book as your webcam, but now mounted on a mobile teaching unit.  On this cart, users can include a TV or large monitor, connected to your zoom call via HDMI.  This will allow for teachers to see their students larger, and with a PTZ Camera, students will also be able to see their teachers better.  
    We've set up an example with this cart with the Panasonic AW-UE4, as pictured below.  UE4 is a 4K EPTZ Camera that will allow teachers to create preset regions of interest for their students.
    Tech Tip: For solutions like this, teachers should consider plugging a wireless microphone into their zoom call, so they can be heard regardless of their location in proximity to their camera. 

  4. Best: Upgrade your cart with an auto tracking camera: Auto tracking will truly allow the teacher to be anywhere in the classroom, without worry that the camera won't see them.  One great option, which we've set up below is the HuddleCamHD SimplTrack-2.  This camera will hook into Teams, Zoom or any video conferencing software via teams and zoom, and can be customized with HuddleCam's control software.  
    Another great option is Panasonic's AW-SF100 Auto Tracking Software which can be downloaded onto any of Panasonic's PTZ Cameras.  This software also comes with a 90 day free trial, before it must be purchased.  

Any of these options will function as an efficient way to bring your hybrid classroom to a new level, and Videoguys is standing by to advise in the creation of any of these workflows. 

I want smooth movements and high definition for my sports productions , I'm also more comfortable with a physical controller, than a touch screen. which PTZ Camera should I use?

​Panasonic: Panasonic has a host of PTZ Cameras that offer smooth, and fast motions, with a high quality image.  Their RP-150 PTZ Controller is also a heavy duty piece of equipment, with a ton of control capabilities and the ultimate tactile feel.  

Some great options for Panasonic PTZ Cameras include the AW-UE70, UE100, and UE150.  Panasonic PTZ Cameras start at $2,695, and can be bundled with the RP-150 at $7,190.  

BirdDog: BirdDog has a great host of PTZ Cameras as well, with flexibile and responsive motion and a Sony CMOS backlit sensor found in each camera.  BirdDog Cameras start with the P100, at $1,599.  They can be bundled with the BirdDog PTZ Camera Controller starting at $3,198. 

PTZOptics SuperJoy: The PTZOptics SuperJoy controller is another great option, starting at $899.  This controller has a tactile feel and features a good deal of customization available for a variety of cameras.  Best of all, it controls more than just PTZOptics cameras, but also BirdDog, NewTek, HuddleCamHD and more.  


I want to video conference with my students with multiple cameras to help keep the lesson engaging.  What switchers can I use easily with Zoom or Google Meets?

One great solution to this workflow is the RGBlink mini or the RGBlink mini+.  RGBlink mini and mini+ both feature USB program out that will allow computers or video conferencing applications to view it as a webcam, while users can bring in and customize four HDMI sources.  

Check out the workflow below, to learn more. 

Is there a product for under $1,000 that lets me switch multiple cameras, stream live and add some graphics?

​The YoloLiv YoloBox is an exciting product that will fit this niche, and will be easy to operate.  Check out this list of features found in the YoloBox, that makes it a perfect solution. 

  • Multiple camera inputs (2 HDMI, one USB)
  • Ability to stream via WiFi or ethernet, 
    and record simultaneously
  • Easy to use for student volunteers, but still flexible for professionals
  • Affordable pricing at just $899

Check out this workflow showing the YoloBox being used to cover a school play or stage event.  


Check out this workflow showing the YoloBox being used to cover a school sporting event, with a commentator and multiple cameras. 

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

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