How to Setup Your PTZOptics Superjoy PTZ Controller

In today’s video we are going to set-up the PTZOptics Superjoy IP & Serial PTZ Camera Joystick Controller with PTZ Cameras from BirdDog, NewTek, and of course, PTZOptics.

What to do

First thing you’re going to want to do is hook up your Superjoy to a network switch connected to your network.

NOTE: If you have a POE switch, do not use the power adapter on the Superjoy. You can tell if you have POE by plugging in an Ethernet cable. If your device turns on, it is POE. If not, you can plug in the power adapter.

In the main menu, simply put the Superjoy from Static to DHCP. Your device will now reboot. Once finished, you will see the Superjoy’s new IP address displayed here.

Now you can begin plugging in your PTZ Cameras to the network.

Once all your cameras are plugged in and you’ve made sure they are on your network, go to your Superjoy.

Select Add Network Device. Here is where you’ll enter which camera you want to control, and assign it a group. I’d recommend keeping everything in the same group to avoid confusion.

For example, this BirdDog Camera I’m assigning as Camera 1 under group 1. Then I enter it’s protocol.

NOTE: For BirdDog and NewTek Cameras, you’ll need to set this to VISCA UDP Sony. That is the protocol those cameras use.

PTZOptics cameras use standard VISCA UDP.

Now enter it’s IP address.

Under control port, set it to 52381. This will allow Cameras using VISCA UDP Sony to run with the Superjoy.

PTZOptics cameras use 1259 for their control port.

Hit enter, and if everything worked well, a message will appear saying “Successfully” and it will bring you back to the main menu.

To see if it worked, on the Superjoy select camera 1, and use the Joystick to control your camera.

NOTE: when adding your other PTZ Cameras, follow these steps except assign the cameras as camera 2, camera 3, camera 4, and so forth.

NOTE: Keep these cameras on the same group to have ease of access. I recommend just using Group 1.

I’d suggest using group two if you need to use the space for another setup with different presets and arrangements. Or even if you are moving from one location to the next. Having different groups comes in handy. The same principles I’ve talked about earlier still apply when setting up your PTZ cameras. No steps change.

Now you can use your PTZ Cameras with the Superjoy, assign presets, and take your shows to the next level.

Learn more about the Superjoy here!

Learn more about PTZOptics here!

Watch the full tutorial here!

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