Invest in Avid Media Composer Today and Save Before Price Increases

Avid price adjustments are on the way, which makes now the perfect time to invest in Avid Media Composer, before the price increases.  Invest in Avid today and save!

In today's Videoguys Live Webinar we addressed 3 types of Avid Editors:

  1.  Avid users with a perpetual software license
    - Renew support before price increases
    - Crossgrade to Ultimate Subscription for 2 years & save
  1. New Avid editors or old users with expired licenses
       or subscriptions. Buy or subscribe today.
  2. Avid subscribers with an active subscription

We have a ton of information on which version of Media Composer is right for you, and how to invest in Avid today and save. 

Check out the full webinar, below.

 Avid Users with a Perpetual Software License:

Avid's standard support plan renewal for perpetual licenses (MCSUPP) is available now for just $385.  However, this price will be increasing to $499/year.  

Frequently Asked Questions from Avid Users with a Perpetual Software License:

  1. Can I buy a renewal today and activate it even if my license expires in December?
    Yes. Activate now and it extends your term for 1 year from your current expiration date.
  2. Can I renew multiple years now to save even more?
    Yes. You can purchase up to a 2-year renewal now at just $385/year​.
  3. Do I want to keep renewing or should I switch to a subscription?
    Hmmmm. Let's look at the options...
    Users can purchase Avid Standard support for their Perpetual License at $385 currently, or $499/year after that.  However, users can also crossgrade to a Media Composer Ultimate 2-Year Subscription at $549.  This saves $275/year.  This is also a great solution if your Perpetual License has lapsed.

 FAQ: What's the difference in Ultimate?

Avid Media Composer Ultimate Subscription adds three key elements to your subscription including:

New Avid editors or old users with expired licenses or subscriptions. Buy or subscribe today.

One option for new users include the Avid Media Composer Perpetual License, which will allow users to own their software outright, but they will still need to subscribe for updates and support.  When this support has lapsed users must either renew or will keep the software in its last updated state.  

Users can also subscribe to Avid Media Composer's Standard Subscription Model or the Ultimate Subscription

Avid Subscribers with an Active Subscription:

  • Are the Subscription RENEWALS Different than just Purchasing a new Subscription?
    Yes.  The renewals activate an extension on your existing system ID.
  • Can I purchase a renewal today and extend my Subscription term?
    Yes, up to 2 years. Although there is no price benefit to do so.

What does this all mean for Avid editors?

  • There has never been a better time to Subscribe to Avid than right now! Take advantage of these prices
  • Educational discounts and multi-seat discounts are also available for those who need 5, 10, 25 seats or more
  • Call at 800-323-2325 for help with your Avid needs and for Avid hardware including Nexis Pro

 Learn more about Avid HERE.

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

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