Jerry Hofmann takes a look at Squeeze 7

Creative Cow by Jerry Hofman

Sorenson Media has released yet another new and improved version of its venerable app, Squeeze. And once again, they've hit the ball out of the park with the release of Squeeze 7, keeping with the fresh new interface introduced with Squeeze 6. For more information, read my review of Squeeze 6 here: If you're not familiar with Squeeze, take a ride on the Reading Railroad to this article which takes a very close look at the general interface, but here are the highlights.

A welcome screen includes information and links to videos that will get you started in no time at all, as well as the User Guide, GPU Guide, the Preset Exchange (where users share their best settings for free), Sorenson Media's blog, and Customer Support.

When you start Squeeze you're presented with a very intuitive and clean interface. It's so well organized; you can start encoding right away without even cracking a manual. Drag the preset, drag a filter if you'd like, add a destination, and click on the Squeeze It button! It's that easy. It's always been that easy with Sorenson too.

Sorenson Media has expanded the list of new features to include GPU acceleration (faster H.264 encoding with supported graphics cards) adaptive bitrate encoding - heretofore a very time consuming and intricate process to accomplish, and more. read more...

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