Learn why LaCie Rugged Drives are Orange

LaCie's Rugged Drives have become somewhat iconic in the industry, because of their signature orange bumper. These drives are muscular, dependable and perfect for on the go videography. But the question remains- why are they orange?

The LaCie rugged drives were designed by Neil Poulton- an acclaimed industry designer. And while the orange sleeve is certainly an eye catcher, users have often wondered where the inspiration came from.

LaCie recently released a great article, revealing where the orange sleeves came from. We'll get into the reasoning here, but first we'll take a look at LaCie User's best guesses.

LaCie Fans Guess why the Rugged is Orange:

  • LaCie Means "orange" in French?
  • Because, Fun
  • The color attracts people, with warmth, happiness and a balanced feeling.
  • So you don't get shot while editing- because of the orange, hunting gear color.

There were many more great guesses present in the LaCie article.

But what is the right answer?

Poulton chose the color orange because he wanted the Rugged to be as tough as a basketball.

Clement Barberis, LaCie Marketing Expert

Check out the full article from LaCie HERE

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