Live Streaming & Remote Production in 2021 - A Videoguys Peek Into the Future

Going into a new year, Videoguys is taking a look at the future.  2020 proved to be a major year for streaming, with remote workflows being adopted, and in person streams becoming more and more common in education, houses of worship, government and more.  2020 was the year streaming was widely adopted, 2021 will be the year we improve and make it better!

On this weeks Videoguys Live Webinar, Gary Bettan takes a look at his predictions and wishlist for 2021 in the streaming and post production world.  The topics he comments on include:

  • Remote Learning and Streaming Worship- Here to Stay.
  • Zoom and Teams- Taking online meetings to the next level
  • Remote and Cloud Workflows- In post production and live production
  • NDI and SRT- A Winning Combination
  • Pro Features coming to Affordable Products
  • 5G- Myths Vs Reality
  • Sports are Back- How will sports production change?

Check out the full webinar below: 

Zoom and Teams:

One of the key points in this show was a series of potential layouts for Zoom and Teams, and what we hope they will role out shortly, based on the needs of those streaming with these applications. 

Check out some diagrams of these potential layouts below:

        1. Ability to Pin Participants to a Specific Box ​ in a 4, 6, 9, 12, 16 or 25 Box Layout

        2. Ability to Spotlight 2,3 or 4 participants then show rest in gallery

        3. Ability to create a screen with a featured presenter, 2nd presenter or presentation, and gallery

        4. Ability to split screen in presentation mode

Remote Cloud Workflows

There are a variety of applications we are expecting to make great strides in 2021 in the remote cloud live production workflow realm.  They include:

  • BirdDog Cloud
  • REMI in Live Production
  • Workflows with the SimplyLive ViBox (used by ESPN in live sports television broadcasting)

Our Wishlist for Post Production Workflows Includes:

  • Use NDI Decode to share your timeline with anyone on your network so you do not have to be in the same room
  • Share timelines & media elements remotely
  • Use cloud storage for additional assets & sharing
  • Continue work on the project from anywhere

NDI and SRT- A Winning Combination 

NDI and SRT are a winning conversation for remote workflows, and when they are combined they make for a bulletproof solution.  We played a great clip of George Herbert, walking us through this concept on a show we produced last year!

Sports Production:

Live Sports production is on its way back, and because of limitted capacity, production will be severely different.  Luckily, companies like NewTek, SimplyLive and Pixellot are paving the way for the new age of live sports coverage. 

5G Roll Out... Will this be the year?

Check out our rundown for the current status of 5G.


Affordable Products:

In 2021 we are hoping to see major updates and improvements made to affordable products, to help update the way you stream.  Some products we believe you should have your eye on are:


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