Panasonic AW-UE150 & Auto Tracking Software Solution in Action

Cramer is a leading content marketing agency in Norwood Massachusetts who are known for virtual experiences.  They relied heavily on the Panasonic Auto Tracking Software to achieve their ends, with the AW-UE150 as their 4K PTZ Camera. 

One major challenge Cramer faced was tracking their subject on camera using a manual jib.  

"After some rehearsal, I could use the mouse to stay with the subject but when the talent would move, it was very hard to stay with the movement. Much time was dedicated to rehearsing the shot when tracking in manual. This added significantly to the time that’s been budgeted and scheduled time for the shoot. And when you have many people standing around waiting during the rehearsals, it adds up quickly." 
-Brad Richelson, Vice President of Engineering, Cramer

Cramer has used an earlier version of Panasonic's Auto Tracking software which was already a significant improvement to a normal joystick.  

“The improvements in the software are working so well that only in special cases do I go back to manually tracking of the subject. Overwhelmingly, most of the time the director will ask me before we start shooting the next scene or shot to ‘lets keep Auto Tracking on.’”

Another key benefit to the auto tracking software is that it doesn't get tired or require another person on set, as opposed to having a traditional camera man.  

Check out this article from to learn more. 

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