Planning School Budgets for Live Production, Streaming, & Video Workflows

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It's that time of the school year. Things are winding down, decisions of what to do for the next year are being made. Thus budgets are being drawn up. Plenty of schools, colleges, and Universities are looking for ways to help stream their stuff. Be it their sports teams, local news, or even simple lecture capture.

Oliver Ricketts (Videoguys Production Specialist) is here to help.

What can we do for you?

  • We will provide a quote for your purchasing department
  • If you need a local dealer or a reseller already on contract we can work with our nationwide partners to help get your quote, or multiple quotes
  • Flexible invoice options for P-card limits & transactions
  • Purchase orders gladly accepted

Working with our vendors is what Videoguys prides itself on. Thus it is is easy for us to prove special discounts, additional software, tutorials, support programs, and a lot more.

Never be afraid to call at 800-323-2325 to ask questions.

Live Production Systems

NewTek offers educational add ons such as Two downloadable virtual sets and a downloadable copy of NewTek's NDI Telestrator along with discounts on bundles. But there is also Telestream with its easy to use yet professional Wirecast system (available for both Mac & PC).

Need to be mobile? No problem. SlingStudio and LiveU got things covered with their great bundles, making streaming anywhere easy.

Check out this article on the LiveU Solo Connect Starter Kits: Easy as 1,2,3.

Capturing lectures has also never been easier with products from Epiphan and Matrox (coming with EDU discounts).

Sports & Replays

Newtek and SimplyLive got this covered with their 3Play 3P1 IPReplay System and the ViBox All-In-One! Get those action packed replays with ease!


What so special about NDI?

  • Legacy upgrades allows you to upgrade your schools for video over IP
  • Maximizes the benefits of using IP — not just the infrastructure
  • Software-driven—not limited by the constraints of fixed hardware
  • Delivers video wherever it is needed on the network
  • Available to anyone to develop the workflows they need
  • The most prolific IP-based media workflow standard in the industry

Here is a recent webinar Videoguys did on NDI wuth Oliver Ricketts. Included are diagrams, tips, and more.

NewTek and BirdDog also offer several converters to help take HDMI and SDI signals and convert them to NDI with: The NewTek Connect Sparks, and the BirdDog Mini & BirdDog Studio.


PTZ Cameras are perfect for those schools working with limited people. Videoguys offers a wealth of options ranging from HDMI, to SDI, to NDI from companies like PTZOptics, Panasonic, and BirdDog.

Understand more about these PTZ Cameras here:

Video Production Workflows

There is nothing better than Avid Media Composer for NLEs. And they have a fantastic deal for the Ultimate Edition for students, teachers, and more.

Yet nothing can be done without storage. And G-Technology & LaCie come in for the rescue. G-Technology with their amazing G-SPEED Shuttles and LaCie with their RAIDs.

Who to call?

Feel free to reach out to any of the Videoguys sales team at 800-323-2325.

  • Oliver Ricketts EXT 1111
  • Jennifer Pautke Ext 1117
  • Adam Noyes Ext 1119

Watch the full webinar here!

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