PTZOptics SuperJoy Joystick Controller is a Super Joy to Use!

Mark Hanna of Church Production recently reveiwed the super easy to use PTZOptics  SuperJoy PTZ Camera Joystick Controller.  According to Hanna the SuperJoy "is volunteer-friendly and handles complicated camera moves with ease, allowing a pan, tilt, and zoom with just one hand. The feel, aesthetics, and constant feedback from the controller make it fun to use, as well," and we have to agree! The SuperJoy works with many different protocols such as NDI, can control up to 28 cameras, and works with several different brands of cameras.

Check out some highlights from Hanna's review of the SuperJoy.

"The focus and zoom dials are spring-loaded and variable, which is just a brilliant design move. I don’t think I have seen that in other controllers, but the spring-loaded dials give the dials a great feel. The resistance makes using the dials intuitive, and ups the tactile feedback the control provides to the user. They also help smooth out the zoom and focus moves, which tend to look robotic on many PTZs."


"Some controllers have problems handling multi-dimensional moves; for example, trying to pan, zoom, and tilt at the same time is not possible with some PTZ controllers. Sometimes it’s because you don’t have enough hands to cover all the controls, and sometimes some of those moves take priority. For example, if you are panning and start zooming, your pan motion stops. This is not the case with the SuperJoy. It handles complicated moves with ease, and a pan, tilt, and zoom can be achieved with one hand on the joystick of this controller. The high middle of the controller is dominated by a large screen which status and also feedback. When you are pressing a button, the lower left of the screen tells you what button you are pressing, and the visual confirmation is appreciated."


Check out the full review here

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