Remote Learning Tips for Teachers: A Videoguys Back to School Special

This is the show teacher's don't want to miss! Gary hosts another Videoguys Live focusing this time on REMOTE LEARNING for this school year. And we're really glad Gary is here to host this one because he's not just the Videoguys President, but also the Trustee of the Board of Education for Plainview, old Bethpage, NY! 

Just Start Streaming!

Streaming is no longer an option. It's a reality. Gary has been saying that since the pandemic began. Not just that, but social distancing requires live streaming. So just start. Experiment your presentations. Learn by doing. 

But most importantly, remember that your 4th show will be better than your first, and they will continue to get even better from there. Don't panic if things go wrong a few times. You learn best by doing, and with each successful show, the better things will continue to get. 

Presentation Do's!

  • Make sure you are well lit​
  • Make sure your audio is clear, your students must be able to understand you​
  • Use multiple camera angles when possible to break up the monotony ​
  • Position your cameras to avoid glare from the smartboard or other reflective surfaces​
  • Create a background that enhances your teaching!​

Presentation Don't's!

  • Don't have the back lighting over shining you as the subject – avoid sitting in front of open windows​
  • Don't be a talking head​
  • Don't stick with only one, static camera angle​
  • Don't do death by Powerpoint

Videoguys Tech Tip: Consider a USB headset microphone.

A headset microphone is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure that you have good, clean audio in a lecture or classroom setting.

Make Sure your Selection is....

1) Wireless- Be  free to move around as you normally would.

2) Noise Cancelling- Cancelling out background sound will help keep the focus on you and your lesson.

Prepare for Every Scenario for Hybrid and Remote Learning

  • Teach from class to students at home ​
  • Teach from class to students in class AND students at home ​
  • Teach from home to students at home ​
  • Teach from home to students in your classroom and home​

Need a Camera?

We recommend for beginners getting the PTZOptics Webcam 80. It's got an 84 degree field of view, 1080p resolution, and can be connected with USB 2.0! 

We also recommend an EPTZ camera where pan tilt zoom control is all done within an image. This simulates PTZ operations within a larger resolution image space. 

For example: A 4K image allows for 3x lossless digital zoom with a 720p output. 

Gary recently did a video covering this topic. Check it out right here!

We offer several EPTZ cameras:


Matrox Monarch LCS: A dual channel, dual imput h.264 streaming device.

A dual-channel, dual-input H.264 encoder that serves as a stand-alone lecture capture appliance or a live webcasting solution. This compact, flexible appliance features 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs with built-in production modes that supports simultaneous dual-channel streaming or top-quality recording while streaming. Whether used for lecture capture or webcasting, the Monarch LCS delivers powerful encoding that is easy to use.

Epiphan Pearl Mini: All in one video production system. 

This is a unit with a small size, but big on features.  Record, stream and switch. 

Features: ​

  • Connect Any Cam/Video Source​
  • Custom Layout Designer​
  • Pro Audio Support​
  • Stream to Viewers Everywhere​
  • Simplified Lecture Capture​
  • Live Event Workhorse​
  • Switch Video Sources Live​
  • And Much More!

Gary also gives a brief demo of a layout possible with the Pearl Mini! Also check out this demo we did a while back!

Watch the full webinar here!

Learn more about Panasonic here!

Learn more about PTZOptics here!

Learn more about HuddleCamHD here!

Learn more about Matrox here!

Learn more about Epiphan here!





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