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Roland mixers are tremendous live streaming switchers that are perfect for stepping up your production quality and capabilities.  With on board graphics, audio mixing capabilities, and second to none scaling, Roland mixers are unique and powerful streaming tools.  

On this week's Videoguys Live, Gary is joined by Roland's Lon Mass to discuss some exciting price drops, and some mixers we're excited about from Roland.  Check out the webinar, below. 

Comparing Roland Switchers:

Check out this list of Roland Switchers as compared to each other, to see which device is right for your workflow.  

Roland Video Scalers give you Hassle Free I/O:

For many video switchers, different sources don't always work together.  However, Roland Switchers have onboard scalers that will allow then to pull video signals from a variety of different resolutions, frame rates and color spaces all at the same time.  

Create your Own Live Streaming Bundle with the UVC-01:

The UVC-01 is an HDMI to USB encoder from Roland that will allow for your Roland Switcher to become a streaming device.  While some Roland switchers feature a USB out that will allow it to function as a streaming device for your computer, some do not.  For switchers without the USB out, the UVC-01 can be used to bring your program out into Teams, Zoom, vMix, OBS, Wirecast and more.  This device is available at $250.

Roland V-1HD:

The Roland V-1HD is a great switcher device with on board scaling.  This device features four HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs.  It also includes one scaling input, that allows for any device to be brought in and resized to your resolution.  There is also a 12-channel digital audio mixer and create picture in picture and other onboard effects.  

The V-1HD has recently seen a price drop from $995 to $595, and can be paired with the UVC-01 HDMI encoder to stream right to your computer, at $695. 

Roland V-02HD:

The Roland V-02HD is a great switcher to get started with two cameras.  It features two HDMI inputs, and two HDMI outputs.  It also has onboard graphics, picture in picture and transitions on board.  This device comes in at $350, and can be paired with the UVC-01 for just $595


The V-1SDI is an evolution on the V-1HD that adds SDI capabilities to the already fantastic switcher.  This device features three 3G-SDI inputs, two HDMI inputs, and two 3-G SDI outputs as well as one HDMI output.  It also has a fourteen channel digital audio mixer on board as well. This device comes in at $1,495.


The Roland V-8HD is a great solution to monitor your stream with a built in screen, that can split your outputs to stream and for IMAG.  This device features eight HDMI inputs, and 3 HDMI outputs.  It comes packed with Chroma Keying Transitions and Onboard Graphics.  It also features an 18-channel digital audio mixer.  This device is priced at $1,995.


The XS-1HD allows users to switch between three screen modes to utilize different elements to best compliment your workflow. 
The three modes include:

  1. Matrix Mode: Switch four input signals to one output signal.  A mix of devices like a camera, and computer screen can be bought in seamlessly with the scaler. 
  2. Switcher Mode: Cross dissolve, transition, or picture in picture between your inputs. 
  3. Split Mode: Composite multiple videos into a single screen for output.


This device allows for users to take full advantage of direct streaming to your computer from the USB output of the device, no need for a converter.  The program out can be sent to an encoder, or to a computer as a webcam input.  The VR-4HD comes in at $2,495. 


The Roland V-60HD is a great solution for switching, and controlling PTZ cameras.  The Roland V-60HD can instantly recall PTZ presets, and support a variety of cameras including PTZOptics and Panasonic.  


The P-20HD is an excellent sports replay device that comes packed with features for your sports production workflow.  

Check out the features, below:

  • Slow-motion instant replay and variable speed playback
  • Intuitive controls for single-operator sports production
  • Simultaneous recording and playback
  • Clip playlist builder for creating highlight reels
  • Integrated color LCD for preview monitoring
  • Capture long events to low cost and widely available SD cards
  • Compact, portable, and reliable hardware design
  • Ideal for school sports, esports, and sports training

Learn more about Roland HERE.

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

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