Seagate Previews the Lyve Drive Mobile Storage System

One major presence at CES 2020 was Seagate- the parent company of LaCie. They had two major announcements at the trade show- one being the new Lyve Drive Mobile Storage System.

The Lyve Drive is a set of products for enterprises that require a large amount of data collection. If this data is collected in the field, it is important to move it to centralized storage, safely.

The system includes CFExpress Cards- which are high performance cards. It also includes a Thunderbolt 3 connector, card readers and U.2 Interface Cartridges.

The Lyve Drive Mobile demonstration at CES 2020 had a 108TB Mobile Array comprising of six 18TB Exos HAMR hard drives and a 56TB Modular Array with four 14TB Exos 2x14 hard drives. The Exos 2x14 drives use the MACH.2 multi-actuator technology. The latter provides twice the IOPS and up to 480 MBps sequential write throughput compared to single-actuator drives. To our knowledge, this is the first time that Seagate has had a public demonstration of their dual-actuator drives.

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