Singular Software DualEyes Review

Production Apprentice by John DeMaio

I have been using PluralEyes for my Final Cut System ever since I purchased my Canon 7D last year. I have also had the pleasure of working with PluralEyes on my Media Composer System. In both cases, I really like the software. It helps me fix the one problem that I have with DSLR video – the need for second source audio.

When I was asked to do a review for DualEyes, I wasn’t sure what to do. To me, it seemed like a piece of software that I didn’t really need. I already had purchased PluralEyes for FCP and I use it all the time – why would I need something like DualEyes?

Then I went to NAB. This year, I thought it would be easier to take my 7D with me to shoot the interviews. Actually, it definitely made traveling easier and it also made walking the show floor easier too. Shooting was fine (as long as I didn’t go over 12 minutes on the record time) and using my Tascam DR-100 as a boom mic was easy too. Then came the editing….

So what do you do when you shoot 22 interviews with second source audio and you have to turn them around within a few days? You use DualEyes. Let me show you how this made my life easier.

The workflow

DualEyes is an independent program. You don’t need to put clips on a timeline to make this work. Since I was shooting DSLR video, I had video clips from the 7D to deal with as well as .wav files from my Tascam audio recorder.

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