LiveU PRO Connect 4 Modem Bundle for LiveU Solo PRO

LiveU PRO Connect 4 Modem Bundle for LiveU Solo PRO

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The complete hassle-free package for your Solo PRO device
Simplify your operations and ensure the ultimate reliability. Solo Connect gives you everything you need to make the most of your live Solo productions, including modems, unlimited data plans and LRT™ cloud subscription. 

Each kit includes LiveU Net high-performance USB modems with high-gain integrated antennas. Designed for robust performance, LiveU Net modems offer the highest reliability compared to other carrier-branded USB modems. Equipped with LiveU's managed SIM cards, the modems inherently support multiple cellular carriers and have been successfully tested with all LiveU units.

The 4 modem unlimited data plan with LRT Cloud server for is $235 a month.

*Activate Solo Connect data & LRT combined plan in the LiveU Solo portal.


Unlimited data + LRT™ inside
Once you have the kit, you can log into the Solo Portal to choose your region and activate your unlimited data plans with the LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™) cloud subscription included. Annual and monthly subscription options are available. LRT™ ensures you always get the highest network bandwidth and reliability – bonding multiple networks to create one single, robust connection.


  • 4x LU Net 4G Modems
  • 4x Sims U.S. version 
  • LiveU Solo PRO Belt Pack
  • 2x Y Cables
  • HDMI Extension Cable
  • HDMI Tension Clip
  • Getting started card
  • LiveU Solo PRO (HDMI/SDI) Encoder must be purchased separately

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