Canon CN-R35MM T1.5 L F

Canon CN-R35MM T1.5 L F

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MFR Part # (MPN): 6401C001

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The RF Prime series of cinema lenses from Canon has been designed for outstanding optical performance rendering crisp images with natural, rich contrast. This series includes seven lenses, ideal for shooting 8K as well as HDR, and represent Canon’s first cinema lenses to have a native RF mount. This lens series ushers in the RF lens communication to fully manual cinema glass, ideal for shooting with RF-mount cameras including third-party cameras that utilize a native RF mount.

The RF Prime series covers seven focal lengths, with lenses at 14, 20, 24, 35, 50, 85, and 135 millimeters and share a common gear positioning and diameter across all seven lenses. The entire lens series provides for reliable and consistent usability including a smooth focus rotation and sizing, with the same front diameter and rotation across all focal lengths.


  • Native RF Mount & communication on fully manual lens
  • Peripheral illumination, chromatic aberration and distortion correction*
  • Dual Pixel Focus Guide*
  • Full-Frame sensor coverage
  • 8K optical performance with HDR support
  • Fast T-stops deliver shallow, cinematic depth of focus
  • 300-degree Focus Rotation with phosphorescent markings

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