Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer

Roland SR-20HD Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer

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Roland Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer

  • Free Shipping & Tech Support
The Complete All-In-One Switching and Streaming Solution
Powerful, portable, and simple to operate, the SR-20HD Direct Streaming AV Mixer makes it easy to manage the modern livestreaming requirements of your business or organization. No computer is required, and everything needed to switch and stream is integrated into a single unit that anyone can use with minimal training. When consistency, dependability, and network security are top priorities, the SR-20HD delivers professional results every time.
  • All-in-one enterprise solution for direct livestreaming without a computer
  • Built-in encoders for transmitting two simultaneous livestreams up to 1080p/60 FPS
  • Adaptive Bitrate function reduces freezing and dropouts due to bandwidth issues
  • Safety Delay function to keep accidental moments from being broadcast
  • Scene function for executing multiple tasks with a single touch
  • Record streams directly to an SDXC card for archiving, editing, and distribution
  • Ease your workflow with Video Auto Switching and Auto Mixing functions
  • Play sound effects, still images, and video sources from an SDXC card to enhance your livestreams
  • LCD monitor for checking video I/O and delivery status in real time
  • Three video inputs: two HDMI and one USB video class
  • Two HDMI outputs: Main and Preview
  • High-quality audio mixer with eight input channels for mics and line-level devices
Built for Success
The SR-20HD is designed to make everyone successful with livestream operation and management, regardless of experience. It combines an easy-to-use video switcher, audio mixer, preview screen, recorder/player, and streaming encoder in one unit, simplifying the process and reducing points of failure.

Plug in and Stream
Using the two HDMI inputs, you can connect common video sources such as cameras, smartphones, tablets, and computers running presentation software. There’s also a USB video input for a Roland UVC device or compatible webcam. In addition, a wide range of audio inputs are available for mics, music players, electronic musical instruments, and more.

Once everything is plugged in, simply connect to your network router and begin livestreaming with team members, clients, or students on Facebook, YouTube Live, Twitch, or by RTMP to your CDN.

Secure and Reliable Operation
Packed with advanced Roland A/V technologies, the SR-20HD reduces the need for technical support and experienced staff members. Automatic functions run in the background to eliminate dropped streams and help protect your organization from broadcasting inappropriate content. And since all streaming tasks are handled within the SR-20HD, there’s no risk of malware and other issues that come with computer-based streaming on your enterprise network.

Adaptive Bitrate
The SR-20HD’s unique Adaptive Bitrate function monitors the quality of the network connection and automatically adjusts the streaming rate to reduce interruptions due to bandwidth issues.

Mobile Phone Tethering
A mobile phone with a 4G or 5G data plan can be used as the primary streaming connection or a redundant backup. Should anything happen to your main hardwired network connection, the SR-20HD will automatically switch to the tethered mobile phone over USB.

Safety Delay
With the SR-20HD, you can confidently stream unscripted events and prevent offensive content from being broadcast to your audience. The Safety Delay function buffers up to 60 seconds of video and audio, allowing you switch to a still image or mute the sound if anything goes wrong.

Dual Streaming Destinations
Encode and broadcast livestreams to two independent channels on the same platform to reach a wider audience or create a backup for archiving or later distribution.

Panel Lock
Panel Lock prevents users from accidentally changing settings that could disrupt a broadcast. You can disable access to a wide range of hardware controls and menu parameters on an individual basis, leaving only the essential functions needed for the livestream.

Simplified Recording and Playback
The SR-20HD’s onboard recorder lets you capture H.264 MP4 video* to an SDXC card for later editing or uploading to YouTube or enterprise intranets. In addition, stereo WAV audio can be captured independently for podcasts and other audio-driven media. It’s also possible to access video clips, images, and audio files stored on the SDXC card to bring higher production values to your presentations.**
*The recording bitrate is the same as the livestream encoding bitrate.
**SDXC video playback is only available when streaming in Standard mode.

Advanced Audio Control
The SR-20HD covers the divergent audio needs of single presenters, conference panels, and even music performances. Inputs for up to four professional XLR microphones, line-level signals, and a headset mic provide multiple ways to connect all common analog sources. You can also mix in digital audio from HDMI and USB sources, plus audio from videos and music files stored on an SDXC card.

Make quick volume level adjustments for individual sources using the dedicated faders and knobs, and go deeper with EQ and dynamics processing via the preview display and F1–F4 encoders. You also have five user-assignable function buttons to speed up your workflow, providing quick access to Auto Mixing, audio/video playback, F1–F4 functions, and more.

Automated Switching and Mixing
With a variety of powerful tools, you can automate video switching and audio mixing tasks to ease your workload. This is particularly helpful when you’re also a presenter, allowing you stay focused on delivering your message to the audience.

Video Auto Switching
Change video input sources at predetermined time intervals to make your presentation more dynamic.

Auto Mixing
The Auto Mixing function ensures that the mix between your connected microphones remains balanced. You can set specific inputs to take priority when someone starts to speak, and other audio levels are automatically reduced as needed.

Follow the Source
The SR-20HD makes it simple to broadcast with multiple presenters. With the Audio Follows Video function, the corresponding audio automatically follows when you switch to a different video source. Conversely, the Video Follows Audio function switches video based on who’s currently speaking.

With Scenes in the SR-20HD, it’s easy to bring pro production values to your livestreams by executing complex switching functions all at once. Set up and store five preset arrangements of layered sources and display them in customizable inset windows. Then use the dedicated Scene buttons to switch between them and keep the audience engaged during the broadcast.

Hi-Res Streaming for Live Action
The SR-20HD’s Standard mode supports 1080p resolution at 30 FPS, which provides excellent quality for most livestreaming applications. But if you’re broadcasting live sports or other events with quick movement, you can select High Quality mode to increase the frame rate to 60 FPS and reduce motion blur.
Note: The SR-20HD’s USB video input and SDXC card functions are disabled in High-Quality mode.

UVC Input Expansion
If you ever have the need to connect more sources, you can expand your possibilities with a Roland USB video class (UVC) device. A variety of Roland A/V products are supported, allowing you to send high-quality, uncompressed video and audio to the SR-20HD’s USB video input.* Some USB webcams and other third-party devices that support uncompressed UVC output may also be compatible.
*USB video input is only available when streaming in Standard mode.


  • Video Processing: 4:2:2 (Y/Pb/Pr), 8-bit
  • Input Formats: 
    -720/59.94p, 720/50p, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p
    -SVGA (800 x 600/60Hz), XGA (1024 x 768/60Hz),
    -WXGA (1280 x 800/60Hz), FWXGA (1366 x 768/60Hz),
    -SXGA (1280 x 1024/60Hz), SXGA+ (1400 x 1050/60Hz),
    -UXGA (1600 x 1200/60Hz), Full HD (1920 x 1080/60Hz),
    -WUXGA (1920 x 1200/60Hz)
    * The refresh rate is the maximum value of each resolution.
    * Conforms to CEA-861-E, VESA DMT Version 1.0 Revision 11.
    * 1920 x 1200/60 Hz: Reduced blanking
  • Output Formats: HDMI OUT MAIN, PVW connectors:
    1080/59.94p, 1080/50p
    * The video signal frame rate can be selected at the SYSTEM menu (59.94 Hz or 50 Hz).
  • Stream and Video Recorder Formats: 
    -File Format: MP4
    -Codec: H.264, target bitrate up to 20 Mbps
    -AAC LC 48kHz 16bit Stereo, target bitrate up to 384k bps
  • Video Player: File Format: MP4 (H.264, AAC)
  • Still Image:
    -PNG File (.png), Maximum 1920 x 1080 pixels, 24-bit color
    -JPEG File (.jpg .jpeg), Maximum 1920 x 1080 pixels, 24-bit color
  • Video Effects:
    -Scene: Picture in Picture, Split, Picture by Picture
    -Transition: Black fade, Mix fade
    -Key Composition: Luminance key, Chroma key
    -Other: Output fade, Test pattern output, Stream Delay

  • Audio Processing: 24 bits/48 kHz
  • Audio Formats: HDMI IN/OUT connectors: Linear PCM, 24 bit/48 kHz, stereo
  • Audio Effects: Delay, High Pass Filter, Gate, Compressor, Equalizer, Limiter, Test tone output
  • Audio Player: File format: WAV (Linear PCM, 16 bits, 48 kHz/44.1 kHz, stereo)

  • Recording Media: SDHC/SDXC card (sold separately)
  • Other Functions:
    -Panel lock function
    -EDID emulator

  • Input Connectors:
    -HDMI IN 1--2 connectors: HDMI type A (Multi-format supported)
    -AUDIO IN 1--4 jacks: Combo type
    -XLR type: balanced, phantom power (DC 48 V, 10 mA), (1 GND, 2 HOT, 3 COLD)
    -1/4-inch TRS phone: balanced
  • Output Connectors:
    -HDMI OUT MAIN, PVW connectors: HDMI type A
    -LINE OUT jack: RCA phono type
    -PHONES jack: Stereo miniature phone type
  • Input/Output Connector: HEADSET jack: Stereo miniature phone type (3.5 mm, 1/8-inch, TRRS 4-pole, CTIA)
  • Other Connectors:
    -USB VIDEO IN port: USB A (USB 3.0)
    -USB CONTOL port: USB A (USB 2.0)
    -LAN (DIRECT STREAM) port: RJ-45, 1000BASE-T
    -DC IN jack

  • Nominal Input Level:
    -AUDIO IN 1--4 jacks: -52 to +4 dBu (Maximum Input level: +24 dBu)
    -LINE IN jack: -10 dBu (Maximum Input level: +10 dBu)
  • Input Impedance:
    -AUDIO IN 1--4 jacks (XLR type, with phantom power): 5 k ohms
    -AUDIO IN 1--4 jacks (XLR type, without phantom power): 7 k ohms
    -AUDIO IN 1--4 jacks (TRS 1/4-inch phono type): 7 k ohms
    -LINE IN jack: 18 k ohms
  • Nominal Output Level:
    -AUDIO OUT jack: -10 dBu (Maximum Output level: +10 dBu)
    -PHONES jack: 72 mW + 72 mW (32 ohms)
  • Output Impedance: AUDIO OUT jack: 1 k ohm

  • Display: 4.3 inches TFT color LCD: 480 x 272 dots
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor
  • Current Draw: 3.5 A
  • Power Consumption: 42 W
  • Operation Temperature:
    -+0 to +40 degrees Celsius
    -+32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions: 
    -300 (W) x 215 (D) x 86 (H) mm
    -11-13/16 (W) x 8-1/2 (D) x 3-7/16 (H) inches
  • Weight (excluding AC adaptor)
    -2.4 kg
    -5 lbs 5 oz

  • Roland Pro A/V Direct Streaming AV Mixer
  • Startup Guide
  • AC adaptor
  • Power cord

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