Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit Unboxing

We're unboxing the Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit. This kit elevates the capabilities of your Atomos Ninja V by adding SDI Input and Output to the already existing HDMI input and output found on the Ninja V Monitor Recorder. The Ninja V Pro Kit is everything you need to get the most out of your Atomos Ninja V monitor/ recorder, with a tremendous value at $949.

Check out our Unboxing Video, Below:

Ninja V Pro Kit:

The Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit includes the following:

  • Atomos Ninja V Monitor/Recorder
  • Pre-Activated RAW SDI License
  • AtomX SDI Module
  • 1x Battery Eliminator
  • 1x International DC Power Supply
  • 1x DTap Cable
  • 1x AtomX 5" Sun hood
  • Quick Start Guide

With the Ninja V and the AtomX SDI Module, this Pro Kit is a great value at just $949, as both products together with the necessary license that is pre-activated within the Pro Kit, would already come in at an $897 value. From here, the Pro Kit has a nice range of accessories to step up your monitors capabilities.  The addition of the Sun hood is also a nice touch, for your outdoor shots, meaning Ninja V can be used in all productions.  

The Pro Kit also includes a three power options, with the Battery Eliminator that enables power via the DC Power Cable.  The Pro Kit also includes four international power adapters, including the United States Power Adapter, of course.  Users can also use the DTap cable.  In addition, an external NPF Sony type battery can be purchased to power the monitor, although it is not included in the Pro Kit.  

For memory, Ninja V uses a Sata SSD, which is not included in the Pro Kit, but there is a Atomos Caddy within the box to place your SSD within.  Videoguys also recommends the Angelbird line AtomX of SSDs to power your Ninja V.  Check out those drives, here. 

The Ninja V Pro Kit includes a ton of elements to step up your Atomos Ninja V workflows. 
Learn more about the Pro Kit HERE.

Learn more about Atomos HERE.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.


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