Avid 5.5 new features and what they mean to you

MKDC by Michael Kammes

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Avid has unveiled the latest update to their editing suite family: Media Composer & Symphony 5.5, as well as DS 5.5. Below are some of the biggest features to the Media Composer and Symphony 5.5 releases.

  1. Video I/O: AJA I/O Express.
    Easily the biggest announcement. Avid has traditionally restricted baseband video input and output to Avid built hardware. We saw a glimpse last year of the move off this paradigm with the adoption of the Matrox MXO2 Mini. This toe in the 3rd party wading pool allowed users to output broadcast quality reference video through a sub $500 box. While some functions – like capture and deck control – were not available; it was an instant success for smaller setups (aside from some pesky frame rates; more on that later)

    The AJA IO Express, unlike the Matrox MXO 2 Mini, is unrestricted by Avid to capture into Media Composer via HDSDI & HDMI, and output via HDSDI, Component, and HDMI. It sports an RS-422 com port for deck control – and yes, digital cuts are supported. Like the Matrox unit and the Avid branded I/O devices, it connects to your CPU via an included host (HBA) Card. As of the initial 5.5 release, Ancillary Data and LTC are not supported…yet.

    I’m an AJA fanboy, and I think partnering with the best in the industry is a fantastic move.
  2. AVC-Intra is a reality.
    One of the newer codecs – AVC-Intra – delivers excellent visual quality at lower data rates, and has been popping up more and more in prosumer and professional cameras. Beauty and brains does have a downside, however: it’s extraordinarily CPU intensive. Avid now has a solution for you. read more...

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