Avid Further Expands Open Workflow Innovations and Enables Customers to Reduce Editing Time and Costs with New Productivity-Boosting Solutions

Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter Now Support AJA Io Express Hardware and External Control Surfaces, Expand Avid Media Access and Avid Nitris® DX Capabilities, and Offer New "In-App" Phonetic Searching for Increased Editorial Collaboration

Avid® (NASDAQ: AVID) today underscored its leadership position in open media production solutions with the introduction of new versions of its flagship editing systems—Media Composer® version 5.5, NewsCutter® version 9.5 and Symphony® version 5.5—in response to customer requests for increased third-party hardware support, enhanced "in the box" functionality, and more open, collaborative workflows with added control integration and format flexibility. New features include:

  • Support for AJA Io Express input and output interface, offering increased options between accelerated Avid hardware and cost-effective third-party solutions when using Media Composer and NewsCutter systems
  • Improved search capabilities and the new Avid PhraseFind powered by Nexidia phonetic searching add-on option to streamline clip and project management, speeding editorial and simplifying the dialogue editing and logging process
  • EUCON™ support for integration with Avid control surfaces—Avid Artist Control, Artist Transport and Artist Mix devices—delivering greater flexibility for effects, audio and transport manipulation
  • Increased performance with Panasonic AVC-Intra material with the new Avid Nitris® DX AVC-Intra video accelerator
  • Native support for Sony HDCAM SR Lite, providing high-quality, file-based media transfer of this popular tape-based format over a GB Ethernet connection to reduce costly deck usage, and increase the workflow flexibility and productivity with this format
  • Enhanced Smart Tool functionality for direct transition manipulation within the timeline, enabling "on the fly" editing.

"The new AJA support is paramount and just proves Avid is committed to giving us customers what we’ve been asking for," said Jon Mauldin, director of operations and technology, Fotokem. "Adding support for a third-party hardware device that is so popular with users of other platforms is a direct message about Avid’s open, mixed environment. This started several versions back in Media Composer and continues to expand with the latest iteration bringing even more flexibility and choice."

Increased Hardware and Control Device Support—More Open, Expanded Workflow Options

Media Composer version 5.5 and NewsCutter version 9.5 both support the popular AJA Io Express, a cost-effective video input and output interface. This adds to the previously announced support for Matrox MX02 Mini monitoring hardware (in Media Composer version 5). Editors can also now leverage Artist Mix, Artist Control and Artist Transport control surfaces (formerly from Euphonix) to handle media transport, and audio and effects parameters within Avid editing systems. The fine adjustment controls and physical interfaces (e.g., sliders) of these external controllers are ideally suited for customers working with projects that require extensive audio manipulation.

Additionally, taking advantage of Avid Nitris DX expandability, customers can now benefit from real-time capture and increased playback streams of Panasonic AVC-Intra material, significantly boosting productivity and accelerating workflows with this process-intensive format.

Expanded AMA, Smart Tool and Search Capabilities—Increase Productivity with Streamlined Editorial

New editorial capabilities in Media Composer, NewsCutter and Symphony editing systems include:

  • Avid PhraseFind powered by Nexidia add-on: enables better storytelling by instantly finding clips within Media Composer bins using the same Nexidia phonetic indexing engine in Avid ScriptSync®. The new "type-to-find" interface taps indexed audio material—any word or phrase—for expedited retrieval without a script or transcript, accelerating editing across all program types by finding the right take fast
  • Sony HDCAM SR Lite format support via Avid Media Access (AMA): provides an innovative workflow, developed in conjunction with Sony, allowing tape-based HDCAM SR material to be handled as files over a GB Ethernet network connection. This offers greater deck efficiency and savings to ease collaborative workflows by streamlining footage into a shared storage environment for content sharing with other editors
  • Smart Tool enhancements: bring expanded editorial power within the box, offering direct timeline control of transitions as an alternative to using separate transition tools
  • Expert search: improves generic search capabilities, allowing customers to easily find material using text-based searching in fields and across bins on local or shared storage

Additional Features to Meet Customer Needs—Faster Audio/Video Collaboration with Pro Tools Compatibility and Integrated Broadcast Workflows with New Playback Options

  • Media Composer is now compatible with Pro Tools® hardware for greater workflow flexibility, including audio capture and monitoring of Media Composer projects through Pro Tools hardware and voice-over recording into Media Composer to enable faster collaboration between sound and picture departments
  • New playback options for audio routing and mixing improve broadcast workflows for tighter newsroom and station integration. Broadcasters now have increased flexibility to route audio signals when sending material to air, meeting multiple delivery demands for picture content with a variety of associated audio tracks, such as mono, stereo or surround

* Note: Media Composer 5.5 is coming soon. Buy or upgrade to Media Composer 5 today, register your purchase, and you’ll get a free upgrade to Media Composer 5.5 when it’s available (you must register to get your free upgrade).

Do I qualify for a free upgrade?

You’re eligible to receive a free upgrade to Media Composer 5.5 if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You purchased and registered a full or upgrade version of Media Composer 5 on or after January 24, 2011 (register your full version or upgrade)
  • You have a valid Avid Support contract/plan (just log in to the Download Center to get your free upgrade when available)

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