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EduStreamTV is a new website for teachers to find tips, tricks and tools for bringing live streaming and video into their classroom to create better quality learning materials for their students, or keep class going remotely.  

Today's Videoguys Live Webinar is our EduStreamTV broadcast for teachers and educators in K-12, to help improve your remote learning and HyFlex experience. 

Check out the webinar, below:

In 2020 we started live streaming....
In 2021 we are doing it better!

How is Live Production different in the classroom today...


  1. You teach to the camera., looking right into it
  2. You serve the presentation materials as needed
  3. You ask and control student participation
  4. All students have the same involvement in the class


  1. You need the camera(s) to follow you
  2. Presentation materials are all around the room
  3. You want remote students to participate equally
  4. Students in the class can control discussions

What can we do to make Live Production in Schools better?

  • Hybrid environments require technology to bring online students into the classroom
  • Multiple cameras, graphics and presentations add production value & engage students
  • Produced content acts on archived study aid
  • Broadcast meetings, concerts, 
    sports & school events help eliminate barriers to technology

USB PTZ Cameras are Perfect for Zoom & Video Conferencing:

Add motion, and a variety of angles in your video conferencing to maintain engagement, with USB PTZ Cameras.

Some great options include:

Use these cameras with your favorite video conferencing app like Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meets and more.

Teach from a Classroom to Students in Class and Remotely

Check out this diagram showing how a PTZ camera can be used to effectively teach a hybrid classroom. ​

The Advantages to a Huddle ​Room with a Production System Available to all:

  • Remote teaching
  • Recording online lessons
  • Staff development
  • Team meetings between buildings
  • Remote team meetings with parents
  • Community communications
  • Messages from Building Leadership
  • Once you have it, you will find so many other great ways to use it!

Create a multicamera Huddle Room available to all your teachers, students & staff:

Check out this workflow diagram:

Live stream graduations, award ceremonies, student news and sports, guest lectures, and classroom lessons to your community

Live production and streaming in schools is perfect for:

  • School board meetings
  • Concerts & events
  • Sports coverage
  • Community outreach

What can we do to make Live Production in Schools better?

  • Add multiple cameras to add production 
    value & interest
  • PTZ Cameras & controller allow you to add sources without camera operators
  • Auto tracking software perfect
    for lectures & presentations

Add an affordable switcher to mix multiple cameras,​ audio and video sources

  • Mix 2, 3 or more HDMI sources with audio
  • Use your laptop as a video source to show 
    presentation materials and teacher on same screen
  • Add graphics or logos

Some great options for these switchers include the RGBlink mini or mini+, the Roland VR-1HD is Your Source: is your source for PTZ Cameras from brands like PTZOptics, HuddleCamHD, BirdDog, NewTek, RGBlink and Panasonic.

Videoguys also carries standalone encoders like the Epiphan Pearl Nano, the LiveU Solo and the Matrox Monarch Family.

When it comes to advanced production switchers, Videoguys also carries a host of those including the Telestream Wirecast Gear, NewTek TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI, Roland VR-1HD, and Epiphan Pearl-2

Lastly, is your source for each piece to your NDI workflow.  This includes NDI Production systems like the Wirecast Gear, TriCaster Systems, or the Panasonic HLC-100.  It also encompasses sources like NDI PTZ cameras, and NDI converters.  Perhaps most importantly, Videoguys also carries NETGEAR Switches, which function as the backbone to any NDI setup. 

Check out this diagram of an NDI Live Streaming Setup:


Case Studies:

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