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PTZ Cameras are a great way to elevate your live production by adding camera motions, and preset positions to boost the quality of your content.  If you have a production with volunteers, or a limited staff running your production, a PTZ Camera controller can help make the job easier.  For experienced producers, a ton of additional features can be achieved with a PTZ Camera Controller

On this week's Videoguys Live Webinar, we'll be discussing the different options for users when it comes to PTZ Camera Controllers.  Check out the full webinar, below. 

PTZ Camera Control Options:

There are multiple methods to control PTZ Cameras, as listed below. 

  1. IR Remote: Many PTZ Cameras come with a remote control for camera control option, including BirdDog, NewTek and PTZOptics, while others have remotes that can be purchased as an add on, like Panasonic.
  2. Software Control: Live production systems and apps can be used for PTZ Camera control.  This includes modules built into Wirecast, vMix, TriCaster systems and more!
  3. Hardware Control (the Primary Focus of Today's Show): Some PTZ Cameras can be paired with separate hardware-based controllers with a joystick and buttons for presets.  

PTZ Camera Control Protocols and Cabling:

  1. Serial cable - Inexpensive but requires dedicated cabling from controller to camera 1 and then daisy chained cables to additional cameras 2, 3, 4 etc​.

  2. IP control - Capable of controlling any camera on the same network using standard protocols like Visca over IP. Just connect your camera to your network and you can control it.

  3. NDI control - An IP control protocol using the same NDI network as the video feed. NDI allows 1 CAT6 cable from the camera to a POE router for video, control and power

PTZ Control Methods:

  1. Joystick control or D-Pad - Control the direction of the camera by moving the joystick or direction keys to where you want it to move
  2. Sliders or zoom - Control the zoom by moving sliders, rockers or rotational controls
  3. Map or Presets - Set presets to predefine the position and zoon from shot 1 to shot 2 and more. Control transition speed from one preset to another

NOTE: Test multiple shots, angles and presets before your broadcast for camera settings and focus for all shots

PTZOptics PTZ Camera Controllers:

PTZOptics & HuddleCamHD Joystick G3 RS232 Controller:

  • Serial control: RS232, RS485, RS422
  • Joystick controller
  • Control up to 255 cameras
  • 255 camera presets with 6 hot keys
  • $299

Learn more about this controller HERE.

PTZOptics Joystick Keyboard Gen 4:

  • Serial & IP Control: RS232, RS485, RS422 & IP RJ45
  • Joystick plus basic, matrix and normal control modes
  • Control up to 255 cameras via network, 7 via serial VISCA
  • 255 camera presets with 6 hot keys
  • $549

Learn more about this controller HERE.

PTZOptics SuperJoy PTZ Camera Joystick Controller:

  • Serial & IP Control: RS232, RS485, RS422 & IP RJ45 and NDI
  • Joystick controller with basic, basic plus matrix and expert control modes
  • Create 5 Camera Control Groups with Up to 7 Devices Each
  • Up to 255 PTZ Camera Presets, 9 Quick Presets, and 4 Super-Presets
  • Powerful super-preset buttons are programmable to trigger synchronized multi-preset commands across up to five unique camera groups with up to eight cameras each
  • $899

Learn more about this controller HERE.

PT-Joy-G4 vs SuperJoy:

PTZOptics IP JoyStick G4:

  • The PT-JOY-G4 works with serial or IP cameras and must switch modes​
  • The PT-JOY-G4 has a single knob for all speed adjustments​
  • The PT-JOY-G4 does not feature groups but you can back up the settings via a USB drive
  • The PT-JOY-G4 has a knob for focus control


  • SuperJoy allows users to mix and match serial and IP cameras
  • SuperJoy features NDI​
  • SuperJoy feature HDMI output​
  • SuperJoy features custom buttons​
  • SuperJoy has illuminated buttons which change depending on the mode
  • SuperJoy has dedicated speed adjustments with independent knobs for each​
  • SuperJoy features camera groups​
  • SuperJoy has rubberized buttons​
  • SuperJoy has a pressure sensitive dial for focus

BirdDog PTZ Camera Controller:​

  • Serial & IP Control: RS232, RS485, RS422 & IP RJ45 and NDI
  • Joystick plus zoom rocker
  • Control up to 255 cameras on a single network
  • 6 Program buttons for quick access to Exposure, Focus, PT Speed, Zoom, Shutter Speed, Iris, White Balance, Compensation, and more
  • $1,599

Learn more about this controller HERE.

​Panasonic Controllers:

AW-RP60 Remote Camera Controller:

  • Serial & IP Control: RS-422 & NDI
  • Joystick and Zoom Rocker
  • Control up to 200 Cameras on a single network
  • 10 Program Buttons, for speed, focus, zoom, iris
  • LCD Screen On board for monitoring and display
  • ​$2,295

Learn more about this controller HERE.

AW-RP150 Touchscreen Remote Camera Controller:

  • Serial & IP Control: RS-422 and NDI Joystick and Zoom Rocker
  • Control up to 200 cameras on a single network
  • Pan, tilt, zoom, focus, white balance, zoom, lens aperture, gain control
  • 10 Program buttons and simplified presets and tracing memory
  • Joystick, and zoom rocker
  • LCD monitoring screen
  • $4,495

Learn more about this controller HERE.

Production Systems with PTZ Camera Control:

AV-HLC100 Live Streaming Video Switcher with​ NDI, SDI, and HDMI:

The Panasonic HLC100 is a full Live production system that allows for a ton of customization for your production, as well as PTZ Camera control. 

  • PTZ Camera control for NDI, and RS-422
  • 3D joystick and zoom rocker
  • Pan , tilt and zoom, Iris, Focus
  • 1ME Switcher, PTZ Camera Controller & Audio Mixer
  • Output format support includes 1080/59.94p and 50p; cross conversion (between 1080 and 720) function also available
  • $11,499

Learn more about the HLC100 HERE.

RGBlink mini+:

The RGBlink mini+ is a great four HDMI input switcher, that can be brought into your computer via USB, and features on board PTZ Camera control. 

  • PTZ Control via RS-232 or IP
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom
  • Knobs and virtual software control within app for PTZ Control
  • 4 HDMI Inputs
  • Transitions
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Chroma Key
  • $399​

Check out this video explaining how to utilize PTZ Camera Control within the RGBlink mini+:

Learn more about this switcher HERE.

Roland V-60HD:

The Roland V-60HD is a camera switcher packed with a ton of veatures including PTZ Camera Control.  

  • PTZ Camera Control over IP or RS-232 
  • Knobs and presets for PTZ Control, software app control, and USB game controller compatible
  • Pan, tilt, zoom, gain, 
  • 4 SDI Inputs
  • 2 HDMI Inputs
  • 2 SDI Outputs
  • 2 HDMI Outputs
  • $3,100

Learn more about this switcher HERE.

NewTek TriCaster Systems with PTZ Camera Control:

TriCaster’s PTZ implementation makes it easy to operate supported PTZ cameras from the Live Desktop or control surface.

For all TriCaster professional models, the Input Configuration panels for cameras 1-8 allows any, or all of these, cameras to be configured as a PTZ cam, controlled directly from TriCaster

Learn more about TriCaster Systems HERE.​

Wirecast Pro for PTZ Camera Control:

Wirecast Pro Features 3 ways to control PTZ cameras right from the Wirecast Pro interface, making for ultimate flexibility.  

Check out this demo from a previous webinar showing off PTZ Camera Control within WireCast:

Learn more about Wirecast Pro HERE.

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

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